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Ford Australia 1965



The Falcon XP, saw the Fairmont introduced as an upmarket variant. The XP was the "make or break" Falcon: Ford's future in Australia depended on this car succeeding. Ford's Deputy Managing Director Bill Bourke conceived a promotion for the new model which was a major gamble: demonstrate the XPs strength by mercilessly driving a fleet of XP Falcons around its You-Yangs testing grounds for 70,000 miles (110,000 km) at over 70 mph (110 km/h). The gamble paid off with the Falcon winning the prestigious Wheels Car of the Year award. A 3-speed automatic progressively replaced the 2-speed and front disc brakes were introduced as an option (standard on Fairmont and Hardtop models). This model was also the last to see the Squire range of Ford Falcons which featured wood panels on the side of the wagons, similar to the USA based station wagons. The Fairmont made its debut, mid-way through the model run, as the flagship of the XP Falcon range. It was offered in both sedan and station wagon body styles, replacing the Futura sedan and Squire wagon. Unlike later examples, the XP Fairmonts carried both Falcon & Fairmont badgework.
The 1964 Fairlane model was the last of the US Fairlanes in Australia as Ford discontinued the model locally in 1965 to make way for the larger Ford Galaxie. 1,344 examples were produced in Australia.


Falcon XP

  6 cyl.
96 hp
6 cyl.
111 hp
6 cyl.
121 hp
Standard Sedan std opt -
Deluxe Sedan std opt opt
Futura Sedan - std opt
Standard Wagon std opt -
Deluxe Wagon std opt opt
Squire Wagon - std opt
Deluxe Hardtop std opt opt
Futura Hardtop - std opt

Falcon Standard Sedan

Falcon Standard Wagon

Falcon Deluxe Sedan

Falcon Deluxe Wagon

Falcon Futura Sedan

Falcon Squire Wagon

Falcon XP Squire

Falcon Futura Hardtop

Falcon Deluxe Hardtop


Galaxie 500

wb: 119 in. V8 cyl.
200 hp
V8 cyl.
280 hp
Sedan 4-dr