Classic Car Catalogue

Fitch 1962



4 carburetor w/specially tuned engine: 145 bhp. Cylinder heads were reworked to add one carb pad per head to produce a four carburetor setup. Four individual small air breathers: Replaces stock setup with altered crankcase breather hose re-routed into single aircleaners. Full width stone guard: Chrome plated wire mesh screen hinged at bumper, 2 piece split vertical at center of car Black vinyl top: Attractive black textured material giving padded appearance. Chrome bow at top of back window: Provides a modified notch effect Masked rear window: For appearance and to Reduce headlight glare (used same material that was used on top of car and covered part of the back glass) reduces rear window to 18 wide x 12 high. Radson tachometer: Tachometer mounts underneath cowl, partially blocking the lower speeds on regular instrument cluster, or on top of dash by ashtray. When used with Spyder dash, then Radson tachometer replaces stock tachometer Optional Spyder dash w/ Radson tachometer: Offered on non Turbocharged cars Racing stripes: Runs down front fender seams, half on trunk lid and half on fender top for the driver to use as visual reference of lateral movement between car and road, and rear stripes placed inboard of rear fender seams and on engine lid Tuned length dual muffler: Trombone shape glass pack style mufflers provide enough length for mellow exhaust sound with a free flowing exhaust. Also known as Exhaust extractors. Lucas Flamethrower: 1/4 mile pencil beam high beam light replaced left side high beam. S P R I N T letters: Located on dashboard and front trunk lid in chrome Wood rimmed steering wheel: Provides a better grip due to thicker ring, with a better dish than stock with SPRINT horn button emblem mounted in stock 62 Monza horn ring cap. Several different styles of Wood wheels have been available through Fitch over the years. Tall drivers seat bracket: Allows drivers with long legs to sit comfortably, or to allow the passenger to stretch their legs Adjustable heavy duty shocks: 4 adjustable shocks replace factory shocks and improves handling Grab rail: Chrome grabrail mounts under glove box for passenger comfort and stability (TR3 part) Indicaps: Replaces valve stem caps. Preset to tire pressures 18, 20, 26, 28, or 30 lbs. Leather, mahogany, or matching colored vinyl covered glove box door, radio face plate, and lower instrument panel cover: (if spyder dash is not ordered) Reduce possibility of glare and improve finish of interior by matching steering wheel or interior Dark vinyl covering: on radio faceplate and glovebox door with Grab-rail option. Fast ratio steering arms: 3 turns lock to lock(with out reducing turning radius). Stock steering arms are modified by cutting and rewelding to shortened arms. The arms are then magnifluxed. Fold down rear seat and rear luggage deck compartment carpet: Improves appearance and helps prevent luggage from sliding around. Gear shift boot (black): Replaces stock shift boot when quick shift kit is used Seat tilt mechanism: This will allow passenger to sleep or rest Adjustable headrests: Round headrests that attach to seat backs via thumbscrews and brackets. Available for driver side, passenger side Short throw gearshift assembly: Reduces shift travel to give a sportscar like feel. Michelin X tires: Exchanged for factory tires Blaupunkt am-fm radio: Installed in place of stock a.m. radio Custom rear coil springs providing 2 deg. neg. camber: Provided at rear wheels by Fitch custom rear coil springs with a higher spring rate and shorter height. Hydraulic steering damper: (Mercedes type) to eliminate road shock Stage II engines: Uses 2 carburetor engines and raise HP by adding the Sprint exhaust, Air cleaners and special tuning to achieve HP gain. Judson electronic magneto: Provides for longer spark plug and point life, hotter spark, and longer mileage between routine tuning. Early precursor to an electronic ignition system.