Classic Car Catalogue

Fiat (Brazil) 1979

  wb: 2729 mm 4 cyl.
1048 cm³
51 cv
4 cyl.
1297 cm³
61 cv
4 cyl.
1048 cm³
72 cv
147 Sedan 3-dr L/GL GLS Rallye


Fiat Automóveis S.A.,
Rua da Bahia 916, C. P.410, Belo Horizonte, Brazil
Since 1976 Fiat produces in Brazil model 147 derived from the Fiat 127. With two doors and tailgate, the car is available in three trim levels. The 1.05-liter four-cylinder engine makes 51 hp with front-wheel drive and four-speed gearbox. New to the program are a 147 GLS and a 147 Rallye with 1.3-litre and 61 (GLS) and 72 hp (Rallye). Independent front and rear suspension on struts and wishbones, rear leaf springs.

147 Rallye