Classic Car Catalogue

Fiat 1972

850 Spider
- discontinued
128 - facelift
128 Sport Coupé
124 Sport Coupé
124 Sport Spider
125 - discontinued
130 Coupé
Dino Spider - discontiued
Dino Coupé - discontinued
132 - April
126 - Turin
X1/9 - Turin
City Car - prototype
ESV 1500 - prototype
ESV 2000 - prototype
Abarth 124


FIAT 127 £843
Choice of two doors or three now helps buyers extract maximum utility from Fiat's award-winning small car. With the lift-up third door comes a fold-away rear seat, making space for 725 lb. of freight, plus driver. This advanced design includes transverse engine with closed circuit cooling and electromagnetic fan, thermostatically controlled. Twin-circuit brakes have a load sensitive valve to prevent rear wheels locking.
FIAT 128 ESTATE £1,075
Load-carrying version of Fiat's popular family model with the transverse engine and front-wheel drive. Carrying the spare wheel under the bonnet leaves unobstructed cargo space at the rear. The floor is low for easy loading, all round vision is good and a rear roof light is provided. The engine has a belt-driven overhead camshaft and electric cooling fan, thermostatically controlled.
FIAT 128 COUPÉ £1,359
Original styling attracts attention wherever this small sports coupé goes. Transverse engine, front-wheel drive and all-independent suspension are developed from those of the 128 saloon, but suspension has important improvements for better road holding. Choice of two engine sizes and two levels of trim and equipment. Spare wheel under the bonnet leaves space for lots of luggage.
FIAT 124 ESTATE £1,165
Alongside their front-wheel drive models, Fiat keep up a big production of the conventional 124 which has been developed into high performance sports saloons, as well as this practical roomy station wagon. The 124 also forms the basis for cars built under licence in Poland, Russia and other countries. It is light, manoeuvrable, has a willing engine and good brakes.
FIAT 132 £1,650 approx.
Challenging the established 2-litre models, Fiat replaces the 125 with a high performance 1800 that is quieter, roomier, faster, safer. A modern twin-overhead-cam engine gives 105 m.p.h. performance, while a strong structure with reinforced doors, twin-circuit disc servo brakes and collapsible steering column set the pace on safety. The propeller shaft is two-piece for smoothness. Four radius arms locate the rear axle.
FIAT 130 COUPÉ £5,257
It began with an idea by Sergio Pininfarina who wanted to do a modern coupé as elegant as the one his father once did on the Lancia Flaminia and its restrained elegance looks like making it into another classic. Interior trim is in velvet corduroy. Automatic transmission is the standard gear but a five speed manual box is an optional extra.

Nowy model 500R z silnikiem 594 cm³ zapożyczonym ze 126 ale o mocy zmniejszonej do 18 KM.
126 zaprezentowany w Turynie.
W marcu trzydrzwiowa wersja 127. Dzieło młodego stylisty Pio Manzu zostało wyróżnione tytułem Car of the Year, co bez wątpienia wpłynie na popularność tego auta w całej Europie.
Modernizacja 128. Nowy wlot powietrza, zderzaki bez kłów, zmienione klamki i tylne lampy, nowa kierownica i ulepszona tablica przyrządów. Standardowe pasy bezpieczeństwa i wspomaganie hamulców. Zmiany te dotyczą tylko sedanów.
Silniki 124 Special wzmocnione o 5 KM. Special T z opcjonalną, 5-biegową skrzynią i silnikiem 1592 cm³ o mocy 95 KM. Nowy wlot powietrza.
125 zastąpiony przez 132.Powstało 603.877 szt.
132 - premiera w kwietniu , następca 125. Wersje standard i Special. Silnik 1600 w obu wariantach i 1800 tylko w wykonaniu Special z bogatszym wyposażeniem i wyższym komfortem jazdy. Rozstaw osi wzrósł do 256 cm, długość do 437,5 cm. Moc silników wynosi 98 i 105 KM. W tylnym moście sprężyny śrubowe.
850 Sport Spider (903 ccm, 52 KM) - ost. rok. Powst. 124.660 szt.
124 Coupé - modernizacja, silniki 1,6 lub 1,8, nazwa 124 Sport Coupé. Tylne światła ustawiono pionowo, otwór bagażnika wykrojono aż po zderzak, a z przodu w charakterystyczny sposób obniżono wlot powietrza.
124 Spider - modernizacja, silniki 1,6 lub 1,8, nazwa 124 Sport Spider oraz nowy model 124 Abarth Rally.
Koniec produkcji Dino. Powstało 7577 egzemplarzy.
X1/9 z nadwoziem Bertone zaprezentowany w Turynie.
Elektryczny prototyp City Car zaprezentowany w Turynie.
Rozpoczęcie producji Fiata 126 w Polsce.

The 500R usees the new 594cc engine from the 126, with a reduced output of 18bhp, adopted the new Fiat logo, has different wheels and a few other changes. 500F and L production (1965 to 1972): 2,272,092 szt.
The final versions of 124 appeared in 1972, the Berlina, Familiare (estate), Special and Special T all being revised. The 60bhp and 70bhp engines accrued another 5bhp each whilst the Special T got a new 1592cc dohc engine with 95bhp and an optional five speed gearbox.
1972 saw the release of the 124 Spider CS series. These used either the 1592cc (CS) or 1756cc engine (CS1) from the 132, these generating 108bhp and 118bhp.
The third series of 124 Coupé (CC) was introduced in 1972. The front end, especially the grille, was again revised as were various other details such as the rear lights. The 1438 and 1608 engines were replaced by two new dohc units of 1592cc and 1756cc with 104bhp and 114bhp respectively from the 132.
The Dino production stopped in 1972 by which time a total of 7,577 cars of all versions had been produced.
City Car is a front-wheel drive, two-seat electric prototype with top speed of 75 km/h and range of 70 km.



500F (R2 cyl, 499 ccm, 22 KM) - discontinued
 Berlina (wb: 1840 mm)
 Berlina Lusso (wb: 1840 mm)
500R (R2 cyl, 594 ccm, 18 KM) - new model
 Berlina (wb: 1840 mm)

500 Lusso




127 (R4 cyl, 903 ccm, 47 KM)
 Berlina 2-porte (wb: 2225 mm)
 Berlina 3-porte (wb: 2225 mm) - new model


850 Sport Spider

850 Sport (903 ccm, 52 KM) - discontinued
 Spider (wb: 2027 mm)

850 Spider na rynku amerykańskim.



128 (R4 cyl, ohc, 1116 ccm, 55 KM)
  Berlina (wb: 2448 mm)
128 Rally (R4 cyl, ohc, 1290 ccm, 67 KM)
  Berlina (wb: 2448 mm)

128 na rynku amerykanskim.

128 Rally


128 Sport Coupé

1100 (R4 cyl, 1116 ccm, 64 KM)
1300 (R4 cyl, 1290 ccm, 75 KM)
 Coupé (wb: 2230 mm)



124 (1197 ccm)
124 Special (1438 ccm, 70/75 KM)
124 Special T (1438 ccm, 95 KM) - discontinued
124 Special T (1592 ccm, 95 KM) - new model

124 Special

124 Special

124 model '73

124 Special

124 Familiare model '73


124 Coupé and Spider
124 Sport

124 Spider (R4 cyl, 1608 ccm, 110 KM) - discontinued
124 Coupé (R4 cyl, 1608 ccm' 110 KM) - discontinued
124 Sport Spider (CS) (1592ccm, 108 KM) - new model
124 Sport Spider (CS1) (1756ccm, 118 KM) - new model
124 Sport Coupé (CC) (1592ccm, 108 KM) - new model
124 Sport Coupé (CC1) (1756ccm, 118 KM) - new model

124 Sport Spider - American advert.

124 Sport Coupé po modernizacji.

124 Sport Coupé – American advert.



125 (R4 cyl, 1608 ccm, 90 KM) - discontinued
125 Special (R4 cyl, 1608 ccm, 100 KM) - discontinued


130 and 130 Coupé

130 (V6 cyl, 3235 ccm, 165 KM)
 Berlina (wb: 2720 mm)
 Coupé (wb: 2720 mm)



Dino 2400 (V6 cyl, 2418 ccm, 180 KM) - discontinued



1101A (R4 cyl, 1901 cc, 63 KM; 2250 mm)
1102C (R4 cyl, diesel, 1895 cc, 47 KM; 2250 mm)
AR 59 (R4 cyl, 1901 cc, 63 KM)



1600 (R4 cyl, 1592 ccm, 98 KM)
1800 (R4 cyl, 1756 ccm 105 KM)
 Berlina (wb: 2557mm)



126 (R2 cyl, 594 ccm, 23 KM)
 Berlina (wb: 1840 mm)



X1/9 (R4 cyl, 1290 ccm, 75 KM)
 Targa (wb: 2200 mm)



City Car X1/23 (13,5 hp) - Turin
ESV 2000

City Car

ESV 1500

ESV 2000

City Car

ESV 1500

ESV 2000

Abarth 1972

Fiat 124 Abarth Rally     – new model 


1972 also saw the release of the most potent Spider built, the Abarth Rally (124CSA). This continued to use the 1756cc engine, but with twin 44IDF carburettors it produced 128bhp. The rest of the car also experienced many changes, the most significant of these including the fitting of a limited slip differential, a new, independent rear suspension, composite bonnet and boot and aluminium alloy doors. Just over 1,000 were built.

1st Acropolis Rally 124 Rally   Lindberg / Eisendle
1st Österreichische Alpenfahrt 124 Rally   Lindberg / Eisendle
3rd Rallye Sanremo 124 Rally   Lindberg / Eisendle
2nd International Championship for Manufacturers
1st Rajd Polski 124 Rally   Pinto / Macaluso
2nd Rallye di Sicilia 124 Rally   Smania / Zambelli
3rd Rallye di Sicilia 124 Rally #6 Paganelli / Russo

Paganelli / Russo at 1° Rallye internazionale di Sicilia were they took 3rd place and another 124 Abarth of Smania / Zambelli finished 2nd.

Entries and results:
 Targa Florio (21.05.1972) Entrant: Results:
        gen. class category
#6 Osella 2000 Facetti/Pasotti Brescia Corse fail. - -
#7 Osella 2000 Virgilio/Taramazzo   7th 5th - sport 2nd - 1601-2000
#11 2000 S Restivo/Merendino Pegaso fail. - -
#12 2000 S Berruto/Ilotte Brescia Corse acc. - -
#21 2000 S Tropia/Fasano   acc. - -
#68 1000 S Landi/Falorni Nettuno dns - -
#69 1000 S Bargotti/Muccini   dns - -
#70 1000 S Patanè/Scalia Saint Paul fail. - -
#71 1000 S Troia/Aguglia Saint Paul fail. - -

Abarth Osella 2000 (Giuseppe Virgilio - Luigi Taramazzo) at Targa Florio.

Fiat Abarth 1000 S (Francesco Patanè - Orazio Scalia) at Targa Florio (Scuderia Saint Paul).

Fiat Abarth 1000 S ("Black and White" (Francesco Troia) - Aguglia) at Targa Florio (Scuderia Saint Paul).