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Ferrari 1978

Dino 308/208 GT4
400 GT/Automatic
512 BB



Dino 308 and 208 GT4

308 GT4 (V8 cyl, 2926 cm³, 255 cv; wb: 2550 mm)
208 GT4 (V8 cyl, 1991 cm³, 170 cv; wb: 2550 mm)
  Coupé 2+2 Bertone


308 GTB and GTS

308 (V8 cyl, 2927 cm³, 255 cv, wb: 2340 mm)
  GTB Berlinetta Pininfarina
  GTS Spyder Pininfarina

FERRARI 308 GTB & GTS £16,499
Ferrari's 'small' car range is breathtakingly beautiful, the GTB with closed bodywork, and the GTS with convertible 'Spider' coachwork, both designed by Pininfarina. These models have mid-mounted V8 engines which drive the rear wheels through five-speed gearboxes, and performance is colossal. The GTB and GTS are two-seaters, but the GT4 has a Bertone-designed body which will accommodate four at a pinch. The GTS has a removable roof which stows in the front when the weather is clement. With roof in position the GTS is a sporting coupe. The GT4 is named after Ferrari's son Dino who died in 1956.

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400 GT and Automatic

400 (V12 cyl, 4823 cm³, 340 cv; wb: 2700 mm)
  Coupé 2+2 Pininfarina

FERRARI 400GT £27,000
Nowadays the sole front-engined Ferrari in production, the 400 has another distinction in that it is the only Ferrari to be offered with automatic transmission. Powered by a 4.8-litre version of the traditional V12 motor with four overhead camshafts, the 400 has a shapely 2+2 body designed by Pininfarina. With North American buyers in mind the automatic version is equipped with a General Motors 'Hydra-Matic' three-speed/torque converter unit, but the manual model has a five-speed gearbox. Both models have top speeds in the region of 150 mph. Bodywork is wide, offering great comfort for occupants, and large luggage space.

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512 BB

512 BB (V12 cyl, 4943 cm³, 360 cv; wb: 2500 mm)
  Berlinetta Pininfarina

FERRARI 512BB £28,750
Closely related to, and successor to the illustrious 365 GT4 BB, the '512' has its 12-cylinder horizontally-opposed engine mounted behind the two seats. It is one of the world's fastest as well as one of the most beautiful cars, with a maximum speed of around 185 mph. Strictly for the (rich) connoisseur, the BB 512 is the sporting status symbol par excellence, with superb internal trim. The five-litre engine is in unit with a five-speed gearbox, and there are power-assisted four-wheel disc brakes to arrest the awesome performance. The low-drag bodywork was designed and wind-tunnel-tested by Pininfarina at the Turin works.

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512 BB Competizione - new model (4 ex.)
512 BB LM - new model

Entries and results:
24h Le Mans 11.06.1978 Entrant: Results:
#       gen. category class
85 512 BB Pilette/Faure/"Beurlys"/Touroul Beurly's fail. IMSA+2.5 -    
86 365 GT4/BB Migault / Guitten Grand Compétition Car 16th IMSA+2.5 3rd    
87 512 BB Delaunay/Guérin/Young Chinetti fail. IMSA+2.5 -    
88 512 BB Andruet / Dini Pozzi-Thompson J.M.S. fail. IMSA+2.5 -    
89 512 BB Ballot-Léna / Lafosse Pozzi-Thompson J.M.S. fail. IMSA+2.5 -    

512 BB Competizione

512 BB Competizione (V12 cyl, 4943 cm³, 455 cv; wb: 2500 mm)
512 BB LM (V12 cyl, 4943 cm³, 470 cv; wb: 2500 mm)

Le Mans.

Ferrari 512 BB, chassis #24131, engine: Ferrari 4942 cm³ (Jacques Guérin / Jean-Pierre Delaunay / Gregg Young) by Luigi Chinetti Sr. at 24h Le Mans.

Ferrari 512 BB, chassis #24127, engine: Ferrari 4942 cm³ (Jean-Claude Andruet / Spartaco Dini) by Pozzi Thomson JMS Racing at 24h Le Mans.

Ferrari 512 BB "Long nose", chassis #24129, engine: Ferrari 4942 cm³ (Claude Ballot-Léna / Jean-Louis Lafosse) by Pozzi Thomson JMS Racing at 24h Le Mans.


312 T2
312 T3 (V12 cyl 180°, 2992 cm³, 510 cv; wb: 2560 mm) - new model
  (#032, 033, 034, 035, 036)
  #11 Reutemann
  #12 Villeneuve

Formula 1 Victories:

1st GP Brazil 312T2 (#11 Reutemann)
1st GP US West 312T3 (#11 Reutemann)
3rd GP Belgium 312T3 (#11 Reutemann)
1st GP Great Britain 312T3 (#11 Reutemann)
3rd GP Austria 312T3 (#12 Villeneuve)
3rd GP Italy 312T3 (#11 Reutemann)
1st GP USA 312T3 (#11 Reutemann)
1st GP Canada 312T3 (#12 Villeneuve)
3rd GP Canada 312T3 (#11 Reutemann)
2nd Formula 1 Manufacturers Championship ()
3rd Formula 1 Drivers Championship (Carlos Reutemann)

The final victory ot the 312 T2: Carlos Reutemann crossing the line at Bazilian GP.

GP Monaco

GP Monaco


Canadian GP