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Elva 1965

Great Britain




The Elva Courier Mk IV is an interesting construction built by the company Trojan in Croydon. 1.5 liter Ford or 1.8 liter MG engine, plastic body. A prototype GT 160 S with 2 liter BMW engine in front of the rear axle took part in the 24h Le Mans race. 



24h Le Mans 20.06.1965 Entrant: Results: Index
#   chassis #     gen. class perf. eff.
30 GT160 70/GT/1 Wrottesley/Lanfranchi Anglian Racing Development fail. - - -

Elva GT 160, chassis #70/GT/1, engine: BMW 1.991 cc. (Richard Wrottesley / Tony Lanfranchi) at 24h Le Mans, Anglian Racing Developments.