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Edwards Sports Car

Edwards Sports Car



After carefully considering the characteristics of foreign sports cars, Edward, decided his car must have comparable appearance. performance, and roadability. On the other hand, he felt the American roads, drivers, and economic conditions differed so drastically from those on the continent as to make design changes advisable. Lower gasoline prices and taxes in America obviated the necessity of extremely small engine and chassis size. Availability of vital parts was another important consideration.
Being a creative individual, Edwards decided to design and built his own car. The famous firm of Diedt and Lesovsky, race car engineers, was chosen to build the new design and Norman Timbs was selected as mechanical engineer.
Chassis specifications read like a blue book of European design. The rigid frame uses large diameter tubing in the BMW manner. All four wheels are independently suspended. Front suspension is by parallel arms and springing is by low rate coils. A flavor of Mercedes design is shown in the drilled members anti steering linkage. Trailing arms and torsion bars are used at the rear.
The "old reliable" of midget racing, the Ford V-8 "60", was selected because of its proven ability to withstand high speeds for long periods. The engine was modified and built-up by Eddie Meyer Engineering. Although the stock Meyer-Ford unit has a displacement of 153 cubic incites. it may be sleeved to 2 litres (122 cu. in.) for competition in European Formula 2 events.
Power is transmitted via a heavy duty clutch and transmission to a drive shaft running over the frame. The differential unit is mounted directly on the frame, driving to each rear wheel thru cardan shafts and universals.
Many automotive authorities who have viewed the Edwards Sports Car have enthusiastically declared it to be "the most beautiful automobile ever”.

ROAD end TRACK. December, 1949