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Dodge 1978

Omni - new model
Challenger - new model
Magnum - new model







wb: 99.2 in.
R4 cyl., ohc
104.7 cid
70 hp
Omni x
Custom x
Premium x
Ultimate x

The Basic Omni is a great distance removed from what used to be called a "stripped model." A bright grille, bright front and rear bumpers with rub strips. bright windshield, liftgate window moldings, head-lamp and tail-lamp accents, plus black vinyl side moldings and white sidewalls provide quietly tasteful ornamentation for a basically distinctive body shape. The Basic Omni by no means slides into the background. It'll be admired simply because it's a sound modern shape, honestly produced and valued. The large, single, rectangular head lamps, tricolor tail-lamp assembly, generous use of glass, and the simple, convenient liftgate with folding rear shelf panel are features common to every Omni. Inside, remarkably comfortable high-back vinyl bucket seats are provided, along with smart-looking door trim panels and cut-pile carpet in the passenger compartment The convenient folding rear seat and the "limited use" spare tire location are also basic ingredients. Dodge has not cut corners with the Basic Omni. As proof, look at how much distinction you can achieve with the addition of the optional vinyl roof, shown at left.        Optional vinyl roof shown.
The Omni Custom Package permits further expression of your decorative talent. Both Custom Interior and Exterior Packages are yours to order. The exterior consists of bright trim accents for the hood, tender, wheel lip, door sill, and roof drip rail. On the inside, you've got a choice of two high-back seat designs (one standard with the Custom Package, one optional) finished in attractive all-vinyl or the optional cloth seating with vinyl trim, and attractive door trim panels. Additionally the Omni Custom fancier receives a glove box lock and smart simulated wood-grained appliques on the instrument panel. Obviously there are individual options or interior trim color selections that can also be ordered with this package. But we think you'll agree the Omni Custom makes a very handsome appearance.
 Optional "Sport" tape shown.
A step up to the Omni Premium Package is a step in a highly stylish direction. Outside. the Premium version provides all the bright trim moldings you find on the Custom plus added bright accents on the door frames, belt, and center pillars. Full-length body side and liftgate moldings and Rallye wheel hubs with bright acorn nuts are also included. This same. more personal touch extends to the Premium Interior. Comfortable low-back all-vinyl bucket seats with recliners are in this package. Stylish suedelike cloth-covered seats with recliners and adjustable head restraints can be opted. But there's more. Like a luxury three-spoke 'wood-grained" steering wheel, color-keyed shift lever console, visor vanity mirror on the passenger's side and premium door trim panels with uniquely shaped armrests ... in addition to the equipment you find on the Custom Omni Package.
 Optional two-tone combination shown.
The Ultimate Omni ... an appropriate name for the Omni with Premium Wood-Grained Package treatment. This decor option consists of the bright trim moldings and accents on body sides, liftgate, and center pillar, you get with the "non-woody' Premium Exterior Package plus the uniquely styled simulated wood-grained vinyl applique on the sides and lower portion of the liftgate area. The result is a most distinctive automobile, one that's sure to be admired as much for its style as its utility It also should be remembered that the beauty and utility of these Omnis can be further enhanced by a wide range of individual options. Color is one of its strong points. Fourteen single colors are yours to choose from. Or you may choose such useful features as Omni's multipurpose roof rack. In any case, you'll discover it's a lot of fun turning a good idea into a better one.



R6 cyl.
225 cid
R6 Super
225 cid
V8 cyl.
318 cid
V8 cyl.
360 cid
Aspen Sedan 112.7 in.        
Aspen Wagon 112.7 in.        
Aspen Coupe 108.7 in.        
Custom Sedan 112.7 in.        
Custom Coupe 108.7 in.        
SE Sedan 112.7 in.        
SE Wagon 112.7 in.        
SE Coupe 108.7 in.        









  wb: 112.7 in. R6 Super
225 cid
V8 cyl.
318 cid
V8 cyl.
Diplomat 2-dr      
Diplomat 4-dr      
Diplomat Wagon      
Medallion 2-dr      
Medallion 4-dr      









  R6 2-bbl
R6 diesel
D100 115 in. x x x - - -
D100 131 in. x x x - - -
D100 Club Cab 133 in. x x x - - -
D100 Club Cab 149 in. x x x - - -
D150 115 in. x x x x x x
D150 131 in. x x x x x x
D150 Club Cab 133 in. x x x x x x
D150 Club Cab 149 in. x x x x x x
D200 131 in. x x x x x x
D200 Club Cab 149 in. x x x x x x
D200 Crew Cab 149 in. x x x x x x
D200 Crew Cab 165 in. x x x x x x
D300 131 in. x x x x x -
D300 135 in. x x x x x -
D300 159 in. x x x x x -
D300 Club Cab 149 in. x x x x x -
D300 Crew Cab 165 in. x x x x x -

Club Cab and Crew Cab not available as Utiline
W150 and W200 four-wheel drive

D100 Adventurer Conventional Cab

D100 Adventurer Club Cab

Macho Power Wagon four-wheel drive

D300 Adventurer DYNA-TRAC with dual rear wheels

D100 Custom Utiline

Warlock available with two- or four-wheel drive

Conventional Cab



Sportsman    R6
B100 109 in. x x x - -
B100 127 in x x x - -
B200 109 in. x x x - -
B200 127 in x x x x x
B300 109 in. - x x x x
B300 127 in. - x x x x

Royal Sportsman Maxiwagon



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