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Dodge 1954


Firearrow Roadster – prototype
Firearrow Sport Coupé – prototype
Firearrow Convertible – prototype  


R6 cyl.
110 hp
V8 cyl.
140 hp
Red Ram
V8 cyl.
150 hp
Royal 4-dr Sedan 119 in. - - x
Royal 2-dr Club Coupe 119 in. - - x
Royal 2-dr Hardtop 114 in. - - x
Royal 2-dr Convertible 114 in. - - x
Coronet 4-dr Sedan 119 in. x - x
Coronet 2-dr Club Coupé 119 in. x - -
Coronet 2-dr Club Coupé 114 in. - - x
Coronet 2-dr Hardtop 114 in. - - x
Coronet 2-dr Convertible 114 in. - - x
Coronet Sierra 4-dr Wgn 119 in. x - x
Coronet Suburban 2-dr Wgn 114 in. x - x
Meadowbrook 2-dr Club Coupé 119 in. x x -
Meadowbrook 4-dr Sedan 119 in. x x -

The Dodge of any year is unmistakably a member of the Chrysler family, and the 1954 cars are no exception to this. Offered in 20 different models which make up three separate series, the Dodge also comes in 11 new body colors and 14 two-tone combinations that are keyed to harmonize with exteriors. The use of the new Powerflite transmission—claimed 100 lbs lighter than other equivalent transmissions—is far superior to the Gyro-Matic torque converter formerly offered by Dodge but now available only on the six-cylinder Coronet and Meadowbrook models. New to the automotive industry in general is the Jacquard long-wearing upholstery fabric now featured by Dodge, but previously used only for rich tapestries and costly furniture. Four-inches greater overall length, new bright metal trim and a revised "four corner contact" seating arrangement constitute recent improvements.

Royal V8 Club Coupe

Royal V-8 Convertible 

Royal V-8 4-door Sedan

Royal V-8 Sport Coupe

Coronet V-8 4-door Sedan

Coronet V-8 Club Coupe

Coronet Six 4-door Sedan

Coronet Six Club Coupe



Coronet V-8 Sierra 4-door (6 or 8 passenger)
Also available as "Six"


Coronet V-8 Suburban 2-door
Also available as "Six"






Firearrow II

Firearrow II at Chicago Motor Show.

Firearrow II

Firearrow III and IV.

Firearrow III Coupé





Express (Canada)


Panel Delivery


F.I.A. World Sports Car Championship entries:
  Carrera Panamericana 19-23.11.54 (round 6) *   Results:
#       Entrant: gen. class      
208 V-8   Solana / Doblado Dehler 32nd TS 6th    
211 V-8   Tostado / Porras A.Tostado 29th TS 4th    
217 V-8   Evans / Velazquez Dickshire 24th TS 2nd    
218 Royal   Sanchez / Vargas Puebla 39th TS 12th    
226 V-8   Drisdale / Krause T.Drisdale 23rd TS 1st    
231 V-8   Elliott / Stark R.C.Elliot 27th TS 3rd    
237     Aguilar, Jr. / Franco Ferreteria del Sol 35th TS 9th    
* only finishing cars listed.