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DKW 1953

F 89 Meisterklasse – new model
F 91 Sonderklasse – new model


The new F 91 at Paris Motor Show.

W 1953 roku zaprezentowano model F91 Sonderklasse. W odróżnieniu od przedwojennych DKW o tej nazwie, zastosowano przedni napęd. Silnik to jednostka 2-suwowa, 3-cylindrowa o pojemności skokowej 896 cm³.

In Germany the Auto Union company of Dusseldorf have commenced producing the three-cylinder, in-line, "Sonderklasse" model which was running in prototype form during the war. Of 896 c.c. it develops 34 h.p. and the crankshaft (unlike the two-cylinder models) lies in the normal plane and drives a four-speed gearbox placed behind the front driving shafts. As is normal practice with D.K.W., a free-wheel is interposed between the clutch and the gearbox–a position where it exercises no influence upon the gear-changing process but where, running at crankshaft speed, the torque can be carried in a unit of small dimensions.
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Sonderklasse F 91 wb: 3 cyl, 2-stroke
34 PS
 Normal-Limousine 2 Türen 2350 mm  
 Spezial-Limousine 2 Türen 2350 mm  
 Cabriolet 4 Sitze 2350 mm  
 Cabriolet 2 Sitze 2350 mm  
 Luxus-Coupé 4 Sitze 2350 mm  
 Coupe 2 Sitze 2350 mm  
 Universal Kombi 2 Türen 2450 mm  
Meisterklasse F 89 wb: 2 cyl, 2-stroke
684 ccm
23 PS
 Limousine 2 Türen 2350 mm  
 Cabriolet 4 Sitze 2350 mm  
 Universal Kombi 2 Türen 2450 mm  


Sonderklasse Limousine

Sonderklasse Luxus Coupe

Sonderklasse Luxus-Cabriolet 2 Sitze Karmann

Cabriolet Special 4 Sitze Karmann

Sonderklasse Luxus-Cabriolet 4 Sitze Karmann