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De Tomaso 1969

Mangusta (V8-90o, 4990cc, 230hp; wb 2500 mm)


A distinctive car for dynamic people - for the motorist who has yearned for that something special in an outomobile we ara proud to offer DeTomaso Mangusta.
From Modeno, Italy, the auto fashion center of the world where performance and master coachwork have become a stondard for motoring quality, the designing genius and custom manufacturing techniques of Ghia and DeTomaso have combined to present the ultimate in sports car luxury.
The freshness in design of the Mangusta marks it as the first daring sports car to come to the American market in more than a decade. Low and slim in appearance, Mangusta is a sports car that tells all who see it that it is quick and capable. Under the hood is a Ford 302 cubic inch engine delivering 230 horespower at 4500 revolutions per minute.
The Ford engine assures you, the owner, of years of dependable driving and easy parts replacement should the unexpected occur.
From the tiniest latch up front to the stylish gull wing rear luggage compartment, Mangusta has been designed for a selective sports car market. A richly decorated interior with contour seats, a sweeping selection of new bold, brave colors never before seen on automobiles and engineering refinements that include double circuit disc brakes in front end rear - place Mangusta in a sports car class of its own.
Once you've experienced the smoothness and power of Mangusta; once you've experianced the excitement of sliding through five synchromesh gears or pacing this nimble thoroughbred around the tightest of turns with ease and sureness, you will decide this is your year to step out from just driving to the exhilaration of owning a sports car that poles other cars of nearly twice the price.
Find out about Mangusta today ... truly a distinctive car for dynamic people.