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De Tomaso 1967

Vallelunga (Ford R4 cyl, ohv, 1592 cm³, 104 KM) - ost. rok,
Mangusta (Ford V8 cyl, 4727 cm³, 305 KM) - nowy model
Pampero - prototyp na bazie Vallelungi


Numerous small changes were made between the prototype and the first production cars, further detail changes being introduced after the first few cars had been produced. A mid-engined rear wheel drive two seater, the Mangusta is really a thinly disguised racing car. Powered by a 4.8-litre Ford V8 (with iron cylinder heads and block) with 305bhp driving through a five speed ZF transmission, it has independent suspension and disc brakes all round. The steel backbone chassis is clothed in a steel and aluminium (for the hinged panels) body designed by Giugiaro, at Ghia. The interior is rather basic, for example no adjustment of the seat or controls is possible, although air-conditioning and electric windows are available as options.
The Pampero is a new open version of the Vallelunga with a completely new body. Giugiaro at Ghia had lengthened the Vallelunga wheelbase by 1.5 cm to 2,350 mm. The chassis is basically unchanged so the heavy spine frame ran from the front suspension back to the 1500 cc Ford engine. The front end has twin headlights fitted behind a meshed grille. Interesting feature are the two air intakes in the front part of the rear wings. They don't only serve as vents, but also hide the fuel tank filler cap and the handle for opening the rear end of the car. The dashboard is "V" shaped for easy reading of the instruments.
Zakończyła sie produkcja pierwszego modelu Vallelunga. Powstały 53 egzemplarze Coupé.
Przejęcie firmy Ghia.