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Delahaye 1937



For 1937 Automobiles Delahaye offer three models.
The smallest, 4-cylinder 134N has a new range of lower bodies but mechanically it remains unchanged compared to the previous year.
Launched last year the imposing, luxury type 148 is available as a spacious saloon or limousine built by Autobineau (with interiors by Letourner & Marchand) on an all-new, longer chassis. Weighting over 1.5 ton it received hydraulic brakes — first for Delahaye. The power unit is well proven in many competition events, a 6-cylinder 3.6-litre engine allowing top speed of 125 km/h.
The 135, which was introduced in 1934, grew from a modest version of a saloon into a top-of-the-range sports car bodied by the most famous French coachbuliders and costing in excess of 50,000 francs. Its success is supported by many wins in various sport competitions. In the spring this model received a new bulging grille, which by the end of the year become widespread across the whole range.


    4 cyl.
2150 cm³
50 ch
chassis 295 cm 134N
berline Normandie 295 cm 134N
berline Autobineau 295 cm 134N
cabriolet 295 cm 134N
chassis 315 cm 134NL
conduite intérieure 315 cm 134NL

134 roadster by Labourdette with pillarless Vutotal windscreen.

134N long conduite intérieure Autobineau.


  wb: 6 cyl.
3557 cm³
90 ch
chassis 335 cm 148  
berline Autobineau 335 cm 148 — discontinued
limousine Autobineau 335 cm 148  
chassis 315 cm 148L — October
berline Guilloré 315 cm 148L — October
berline Chapron 315 cm 148L — October

148 limousine by Chapron.

148 berline Autobineau.

148 berline by Figoni & Falaschi.

148 four-door cabriolet décapotable by Labourdette featuring a pillarless Vutotal windscreen, and a new style grille completed in June.


  6 cyl.
3227 cm³
95 ch
6 cyl.
3227 cm³
113 ch
6 cyl.
3557 cm³
100 ch
6 cyl.
3557 cm³
120 ch
wb: 295 cm 18 CV 18 CV 20 CV 20 CV  
chassis Sport Coupe des Alpes Compétition Compétition  
roadster Chapron — discontinued
coach 4 places — discontinued
coach Chapron  
cabriolet Chapron  
coach Guilloré — October
wb: 270 cm     20 CV 20 CV  
chassis     Compétition Compétition — discontinued

135 roadster Chapron.

135 coach Chapron.

135 cabriolet Chapron at the beginning of this year.

135 cabriolet Chapron at the Concours d'Elegance de Deauville in July.

135 cabriolet Chapron with the new grille first appeared in the spring.

135 coach Chapron.

135 Sport roadster; June advert still featuring the old style grille.

135 coachbulit

135 short cabriolet Figoni & Falaschi.

135 Competition Figoni et Falaschi very similar to that presented at last year Paris Show.

Saoutchik as seen at Paris Show in October.

135 CS 6 cyl. 3557 cm³ 152 ch 270 cm 900 kg
145 12 cyl. 4496 cm³ 230 ch   900 kg


  Event: Entered: Raced: Finished: Best results:
21.02.1937 Grand Prix de Pau         135 CS Dreyfus 3rd
Mille Miglia 04.04.1937         135 CS Schell / Carriére 3rd
GP Tunis 16.05.1937         135 CS Dreyfus 2nd
            135 CS Schell 3rd
Grand Prix de Bone 23.05.1937         135 CS Paul 2nd
            135 CS Carrière 3rd
Grand Prix de Marseille 06.06.1937              
24h Le Mans 19-20.06.1937       14 135 CS Paul / Mongin 2nd
          10 135 CS Dreyfus / Stoffel 3rd
French Grand Prix 04.07.1937              
Grand Prix de la Marne 18.07.1937              
RAC Tourist Trophy 04.09.1937            

2nd at 24h Le Mans: 135 SC (Joseph Paul / Marcel Mongin). also 2nd in performance index (1.26200).

3rd at 24h Le Mans: 135 SC (René Dreyfus / Henri Stoffel).

Joseph Paul and Marcel Mongin.

24h Le Mans: 135 SC (Jacques Sayler / Paul Benazet).

24h Le Mans: 135 SC (Louis Villeneuve / André Vagniez).

24h Le Mans: 135 SC (André Parguel / Robert Brunet).

3rd at 24h Le Mans: 135 SC (Eugene Chaboud / Jean Trémoulet).

3rd at 24h Le Mans: 135 SC (Laury Schell / René Carriére).
  Event: Entered: Raced: Finished: Best results:
26-30.01.1937 Rallye Monte Carlo   3 20 135 René le Bègue / Julio Quinlin 1st
        88 135 Laury Schell / René Dreyfus 5th
        11 135 Jean Paul / J. Danniel 8th

Laury Schell and René Dreyfus, Delahaye 135S, started from Stavanger and finished 5th.

A one million francs prize was founded by the ACF for a French constructor whose car will be able to exceed speed reached two years earlier by a Mercedes-Benz over 200 kilometres of the circuit of Montlhéry. In order to get the prize Delahaye produced the new Type 145 whose V-12 cylinder engine of 4.496 cm³ develops about 230 bhp at 5,500 rpm allowing the car weighting only 900 kg to exceed 220 km / h. On 31st August 1937 the 145 driven by René Dreyfus achieved the feat with average speed of 146,508 km/h.

The type 145 on the Delahaye stand at Paris Motor Show in October.