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Delage 1947

D6-3 litres


The large 180 limousine shown last year did not have any follow-up in post-war difficult economic conditions. Instead Delage brand managers prefer to concentrate their efforts on a single well-developed model. The D6 is one of the most prestigious cars on French market.
A single example of a D8-100 was built in 1947.
On 14th of December Louis Delage died at the age of 73.

D6-3 litres

17 CV wb: 6 cyl.
2984 cm³
90 ch
6 cyl.
2984 cm³
100 ch
chassis 315 cm Normale Olympic
chassis 330 cm

D6-3 Litres Letourneur & Marchand zbudowany na tegoroczny salon paryski ma elektromagnetyczną skrzynię biegów Cotal.

D6 cabriolet Guilloré at Paris Motor Show in October.

D6 cabriolet Guilloré.




A limousine built by Antem on the old D8 chassis.



April 1947.

Delage 3 litres at Grand Prix de la Marne on 6th of July.

Montlhéry, November.