Classic Car Catalogue

Delage 1937

D6-60 — discontinued
D6-80 — discontinued


1936 Paris Motor Show poster.
Since becoming a partner of Delahaye in 1935, the Delage firm regained its brilliance and its 1937 range appears as one of the most elegant on the French market.
At the Paris Show last year Delage introduced bigger engines in all three D6s and deleted all the coaches panoramique. The 1937 catalog still consists of six main models: the Type DI-12 four-cylinder, three six-cylinder types D6-60, 70 and 80, two eight-cylinder types D8-100 and 120. Thanks to these cleverly designed models made with great care for perfection, Delage has saved its reputation.
For its DI-12 and some D6-60 coupes and cabriolets, the Courbevoie firm uses Citroën bodies that come from the Traction Avant and fit more or less to the Delage chassis. This operation is probably justified in terms of cost, but it is not really suitable for the traditional Delage customers.
At the high end of the range, the six and eight cylinder models do not use such cheap solutions. Their chassis are entrusted to the greatest coachbuilders of the time: Letoumeur & Marchand (and their subsidiary Autobineau), Chapron, Labourdette, Franay, Figoni, Pourtout, Villars, etc. Thanks to these talented master craftsmen, the Delage shines in all the elegance competitions of 1937. The D6-70 is the most popular of all three 6-cylinder models.


12 CV wb: 4 cyl.
2150 cm³
45 ch
berline Autobineau   2950 mm  
familiale Autobineau   3150 mm  
berline caisse Citroën   2950 mm — discontinued
roadster caisse Citroën   2950 mm — discontinued
coupé caisse Citroën   2950 mm — discontinued


DI-12 berline Citroën

DI-12 familiale Autobineau

D6-60, 70 and 80

1937 range   6 cyl.
2528 cm³
67 ch
6 cyl.
2729 cm³
78 ch
6 cyl.
3557 cm³
90 ch
  wb: D6-60
14 CV
16 CV
20 CV
berline Luxe   315 cm 315 cm -
berline Grand Luxe   315 cm 315 cm 335 cm
cabriolet   315 cm - 335 cm
roadster caisse Citroën   315 cm 315 cm -
coupé caisse Citroën   315 cm - -
coach panoramique L&M   - 315 cm -
cabriolet Chapron   - 315 cm -
familiale Luxe   - 330 cm -
familiale Grand Luxe   - 330 cm -
conduite intérieure   - - 335 cm

D6-70 1938 models wb: 6 cyl.
2729 cm³
78 ch
berline Luxe   315 cm
berline Grand Luxe   315 cm
cabriolet Grand Luxe   315 cm
coach panoramique Grand Luxe   315 cm
coach panoramique Grand Luxe transformabile   315 cm
cabriolet panoramique Grand Luxe   315 cm
coach Aérosport   315 cm
familiale Luxe   330 cm
familiale Grand Luxe   330 cm


D6-60 berline.

D6-60 / D6-70 berline Autobineau. The bumpers had changed from one-piece to two-piece during this year.

D6-60 roadster Citroën.

D6-70 coach panoramique by Letourner & Marchand.

D6-70 coach panoramique by Letourner & Marchand.

D6-70 cabriolet by Chapron.

D6-70 conduite intérieure 'Vutotal' by Labourdette.

In April the Letourneur & Marchand bodyshop created this sporty torpedo, in which Mrs. Richer-Delavau and Lamberjack clinched the Ladies Cup and seventh place in the overall standings of the very tough Rally of Morocco. Painted in grasshopper green with interior trimmed in leather, this pretty car participated in many elegance contests of the summer season.

D6-80 berline.

D6-80 limousine.

September advert. The D6-70 model 1938 with recessed headlights.

A magnificent coach by Letourner & Marchand with pillarless Vutotal, curved, one-piece windscreen, released in the autumn.

D8-100 and 120

24 CV wb: 8 cyl.
4302 cm³
105 ch
berline 363 cm D8-100 — discontinued
conduite intérieure 363 cm D8-100 — discontinued
coach panoramique L&M 335 cm D8-120 — discontinued
cabriolet 363 cm D8-100 — discontinued
coupé de ville 363 cm D8-100 — discontinued
cabriolet 335 cm D8-120 — discontinued
For 1938 the D8 models will be only offered as a chassis.


D8-100 limousine 7 places

D-8 100 coupé de ville by Franay.

D-8 100 torpédo décaopable by Henri Labourdette.

D-8 100 coupé de ville by Franay.

D8-120 cabriolet.

D8-120 coach panoramique.

D8-120 coupe panoramique

D8-120 cabriolet Chapron.

D8-120 cabriolet de Villars.

D8-120 coupé Aérosport at Brussels Motor Show in January.

D8-120 coupé Aérosport.

A new coupé Aérosport by Letourner & Marchand at Paris Motor Show in October.

A stunnig coupé fastback by Pourtout revealed at Paris Motor Show in October.

An illustration from Pourtout catalog of October 1937.

V-12 prototype



This beautiful ultra-profiled car was prepared for the Grand Prix of PACF at Montlhery on July 4, 1937. Unfortunately, the V 12 did not participate in the event because of an accident during the tests of the Grand Prix.
The 12-cylinder 4.5-liter was developed under the direction of Louis Delage who, since the revival of its brand in 1935 by Delahaye and W. Watney, runs a small annex of the company preparing special performance cars. The 4,480 cm³ (73.5 x 88 mm) V 12 engine with six carburetors, is the result of a study by famed engineer Albert Lory, who - in order to save time - used Delahaye 135 S engine heads. This V 12 OHV develops 190 hp at 4,500 rpm, which is not excessive for a car weighting nearly 1800 kg. The Delage 4.5 litre has an effective Cotal gear box, but its mechanical brakes seem insufficient. It is built on a 295 cm wheelbase chassis.
The bodywork is a creation of Henri Labourdette studio and should be considered a total success in terms of aesthetics. Studied by aerodynamics engineer Andreau it benefits from the curved "Vutotal" windscreen without side pillars which uses newly developed tempered glass.
After repair, the car was a star of the Labourdette stand at this year's Motor Show in Paris.


  Event: Entered: Raced: Finished: Best results:
26-30.01.1937 Rallye Monte Carlo     2 79 D6-70 Imbert / Franqueville 19th
          85   Delavau / Delavau 36th
  Rallye du Maroc         D6-70 Richer-Delavau / Lamberjack 7th (Ladies Cup 1st)

H. Imbert / Jean Franqueville in D 6-70 Coupé finished 19th in Monte Carlo Rally.

  Event: Entered: Raced: Finished: Best results:
19-20.06.1937 24h Le Mans 1 1 1 19 de Valence de Minardiere / Gérard D6-70 4th (1st 2.0-3.0l)

4th at 24h Le Mans: D6-70 (Jacques de Valence de Minardiere / Louis Gérard). Also 1st in 2001-3000 cc class.