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DB 1949

Coupé Antem 11 CV 4 cyl. 1911 cm³ – prototype


The stand at the Paris Motor Show somehow symbolises the transition from Citroën to Panhard engines.

Encouraged by theirs good performance in local races DB decided to enter two 1.5-litre cars into the famous 24-h Le Mans. It wasn't much of success. On of the cars had to retire due to engine failure, the other one only just completed the race, being 16th out of 19 at the finish line. This event caused a fury of Pierre Boulanger, the boss of Citroën, who don't support using his engines in competition. Therefore he banned any further supply to DB.
Seeing no future with Citroën, Deutsch and Bonnet turned to Panhard who is willing to help. The first creation using their's flat two-cylinder is a Formula 3 single-seater. The standard capacity of 610 cc has been reduced to 495 cc by shortening the stroke by 10 mm. This car was exhibited on the DB stand at the Paris Show in October.
Also shown at the show the coupé has still a Citroën engine. The body was designed by Giovanni Michetotti at Pinin Farina and built by Antem. Many potential customers regret that it will not be produced because of the ban.

11 CV Coupé




Entries and results:
  24h Le Mans 25.06.1949 Entrant: Results:
        gen. class
#41 (1490 cm³) Lachaize / Debille A. Lachaize 16th 2nd - 1101-1500
#42 (1490 cm³) Deutsch / Bonnet René Bonnet fail. -

DB (A. Lachaize / Albert Debille) at Le Mans.

DB (Charles Deutsch / René Bonnet) at Le Mans.