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Datsun / Nissan 1962

Datsun Bluebird  
Datsun Fairlady – new model in October
Nissan Cedric series 30 – discontinued
Nissan Cedric series 31 – presented at Tokyo Motor Show
Nissan Patrol  


In its production form the 1.5-litre Datsun Fairlady has been modified slightly since it appeared as a prototype last year. Changes include a modified full-width front grille and a transverse rear seat which enables a third person to be transported in reasonable comfort; a detachable hard top is also available now.
Nissan, manufacturers of the car, have introduced a new type of automatic transmission as optional equipment for their top-selling Datsun Bluebird. It is a two-speed unit consisting of a twin-turbine torque converter having a claimed multiplication of 4 to 1. Direct drive for top is obtained with a plate clutch which puts the torque converter out of circuit; it is controlled by a central floor-mounted lever. The unit is made by S.R.M. under Ljunstrom patents obtained from Sweden.
Nissan Cedric, which has a 1,897 c.c. four-cylinder engine, was shown with minor styling changes to emphasize slender lines, larger size and greater comfort. The most noticeable alteration is that the dual headlamps are now set horizontally instead of vertically.
For the Nissan Cedric Special, powered by the new 2,825 c.c. six-cylinder engine (85mm bore x 83mm stroke), another automatic transmission has been evolved; it has a normal three-element torque converter with a multiplication ratio of 2 to 1 and two-speed epicyclic gearbox.

(Tokyo report)




Bluebird P 312





Nissan Cedric na taśmie produkcyjnej.








Nowy Cedric Special na Salonie w Tokio.

Cedric 1900 Estate at Tokio Motor Show.




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