Classic Car Catalogue

Darmont 1936

Aérolux (V2 cyl, 1089 cm³)
V-Junior (V2 cyl, 1089 cm³)


Introduced last year Darmont first four-wheel cyclecar V-Junior has a 4-stroke V2 cylinder water cooled engine. Offered exclusively painted in English green, V-Junior tops out at 110 km / h and costs 9900 F all equipped. Optional extra at 1,500 F is Darmont Special engine tumbled to reach 125 km / h. Despite lack of interest of the public noticed for some time for this kind of vehicle there is the three wheel Darmont Aerolux. Sold at 8900 F, the Aerolux uses the same 1,1 litre engine of the V-Junior. The grille and the entire front part are common to the three and four wheelers.