Classic Car Catalogue

Daimler 1958

Conquest Century – discontinued (1953-58 - 9620 ex. incl. Conquest)
DK 400  
Majestic – new model

Great Britain

Evolved from the Regency, which first appeared in 1951, and the 104 from 1955, the Majestic of 1958 has up dated body work with less pronounced wing lines and no small air intakes in the front wings. Still with separate chassis. The six cylinder engine is bored out to 3794cc and has 147 bhp giving a top speed of 100 mph. Auto transmission is standard. It is the first British-built limousine with all around disc servo assisted brakes as standard. It is also the forst Daimler since 1931 not available with the 'self-changing' gearbox.
Daimler has lost its status of the supplier of cars for the royal family. At the end of 1958 Hooper was informed that the 'Royal Stock' Daimlers would no longer be needed, nor would the existing Royal Daimlers be replaced by cars of the same make.


Conquest Century

Conquest Century (DJ) Saloon wb: 8ft. 8in. 6 cyl. 2433 cc 100 bhp – discontinued




DF 310 Saloon wb: 9ft. 6in. 6 cyl. 3468 cc 137 bhp


DK 400

DK 400 Limousine wb: 10ft. 10in. 6 cyl. 4617 cc 167 bhp



Saloon wb: 9ft. 6in. 6 cyl. 3794 cc 135 bhp – new model