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Daimler 1956

Conquest – discontinued
Conquest Century  
Sports DHC  
Regency Mk II – discontinued (1954-56 - 219 ex.)
DK 400  

Great Britain

Daimler Sports Drophead Coupé replaced the Conquest Roadster for 1956. It features similar bodywork but has an occasional rear seat and wind up windows, and is powered by the 2433-cc 100-bhp engine. Conquest and Conquest Century Mark II 2 1/2-litre saloons are also available, although the former was discontinued in the summer of 1956.
On 30 May Sir Bernard was asked to attend a special board meeting to discuss 'the future conduct of the company' and was voted out of office by six directors against three. His replacement as chairman and managing director is Jack Sangster of Triumph Motorcycles, a company acquired by BSA (along with its associate Ariel) in 1952.

Daimler Conquest Century II
Having set up a reputation for the production of cars in which smoothness and quietness of operation were primary features, over-riding any demands for unusually good performance characteristics, it was a considerable surprise when Daimler introduced the fast Century version of the Conquest. With a maximum speed approaching 90 m.p.h., and the ability to accelerate from rest to 50 m.p.h. in 11 ½ sec, it has performance which is well up to, or even above, the average for a 2 ½-litre saloon. Yet the increased performance (from 75 b.h.p. to 100 b.h.p. at peak power) has not been obtained at any sacrifice of the engine smoothness which is expected of the marque. It is, in fact, a luxuriously appointed, occasional six-seater embodying the Daimler standards of finish' and dignity. The 1957 model is to be continued unchanged, with the exception that the facia has been re-styled, and automatic transmission by Borg-Warner will be provided as an optional extra, replacing the familiar fluid flywheel and preselector arrangement. A Conquest Century equipped with automatic transmission will be exhibited on the Daimler stand at the Show. Automatic transmission for the Conquest Century costs £185, including purchase tax.
Daimler DK400
Daimler introduced a new limousine, the eight-seater DK400, at Earls Court last year. It is powered by a 4,617 c.c., six-cylinder o.h.v. engine, and has a large and beautifully appointed body with full limousine accommodation. The four-door, six-light, body is of composite construction, with fixed head and curved, one-piece windscreen. Either two or three occasional seats as required are provided and the car is finished in colours specified by the purchaser. In spite of its great size it appears dignified and well proportioned. Some detail changes have been made to the DK400 for the coming year, and an example of the re-styled model will appear on the Daimler stand. The front wing line, which flows back to met the rear wing, will now run straight at waist level, instead of dipping ahead of the rear wheels. The rear light assembly has also been modified to blend with the new tail end of the rear wing, and the size of the luggage locker lid has been increased to allow a cabin trunk to be carried. A'D' motif is fitted on the rear bumper.
Daimler 2½ -litre Drophead Coupé and One-O-Four
Daimlers have long been noted for the dignified and luxurious qualities of their cars. Both are retained, but in recent years the company has provided models with a lively performance. Among the pioneers of the fluid transmission, by the use of their preselector gear box and fluid flywheel, the company is now offering fully automatic Borg-Warner transmission as an alternative. This transmission is optional on both the 2½ -litre drophead Coupé, and on the One-O-Four saloon, which was introduced at last year's Show.

(London report, October'56)


Conquest and
Conquest Century

Conquest (DJ) Saloon wb: 8ft. 8in. 6 cyl. 2433 cc 75 bhp – discontinued
Conquest Century (DJ) Saloon wb: 8ft. 8in. 6 cyl. 2433 cc 100 bhp  

Conquest Century


Sports DHC

DJ DHC wb: 8ft. 8in. 6 cyl. 2433 cc 100 bhp



DF 310 Saloon wb: 9ft. 6in. 6 cyl. 3468 cc 137 bhp  
DF 310 Saloon wb: 9ft. 6in. 6 cyl. 4617 cc 167 bhp – discontinued

3½ -Litre Fixedhead Coupé by Hooper



Mk II (DF 304)
wb: 9ft. 6in.
6 cyl.
3468 cc
107 bhp
6 cyl.
4617 cc
127 bhp
– discontinued
Saloon x x  
Sportsman Saloon x x  


DK 400

DK 400 Limousine wb: 10ft. 10in. 6 cyl. 4617 cc 167 bhp

One of the biggest cars in the Show is this Daimler DK 400 limousine, which has been extensively restyled for 1957. A feature of the rear compartment is a series of three folding occasional seats arranged side by side.
The Motor, October '56, London Show report.