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Daimler 1954

Conquest Century – new model
Century Roadster  
Regency – discontinued (1951-54 - 51 ex.)
Regency Mk II – new model
Regina – October

Great Britain

Daimler Conquest Series DJ Roadster and Drophead Coupé were introduced in October 1953 respectively. Both models are mechanically based on the Conquest Saloon, but incorporating certain differences including a twin-carburettor high-compression 100-bhp version of the 2.4-litre power unit, larger brakes and a large diameter propeller shaft. The lightweight body construction is achieved by the use of aluminium-alloy framework, aluminium panelling and wings.
Daimler Conquest Century Series DJ Saloon is a high-performance version of the Conquest Saloon, mechanically similar to the Roadster and Coupé and distinguishable from the Conquest mainly by chromium plated windscreen and rear-window frames, and deeper bumpers. All models feature Daimler's preselector fluid transmission, the control lever of which is mounted on the steering column.
The end of Straight-Eight production in 1953 had left a gap in the Daimler range. A replacement materialized in the autumn this year. The Regency Mk II is slightly longer and lower and now available with either 3.5- or 4.6-litre six-cylinder power units. Available as standard with a six-light saloon body, or with four-light Mulliner Sportsman bodywork in conjunction with servo-assisted brakes and a transmission with an overdrive fourth speed.
There is also a seven-seat limousine variant, the Regina, built on a 10 ft 10 in wheelbase and with a slightly wider track.
This year 'Docker Daimler' is the 'Stardust' built by Hooper on the long wheel base Regina chassis. Finished in royal blue and silver it has six-pointed silver stars on the side panels. The rear compartment is upholstered in hand-woven silver-grey silk brocatelle and the 'cabinet work' is covered in blue crocodile skin and contains cut-crystal decanters and Wedgwood china cups. The double-glazed side windows and central division are all electrically-operated, as is the sliding shutter which could be drawn out beneath the fixed glass roof panel above the rear seats. In the spacious boot there is a set of four tailored crocodile-skin suitcases.


Conquest and
Conquest Century

Conquest (DJ) Saloon wb: 8ft. 8in. 6 cyl. 2433 cc 75 bhp  
Conquest Century (DJ) DHC wb: 8ft. 8in. 6 cyl. 2433 cc 100 bhp – June
Conquest Century (DJ) Saloon wb: 8ft. 8in. 6 cyl. 2433 cc 100 bhp – new model

Conquest Century


Century Roadster

DJ Roadster wb: 8ft. 8in. 6 cyl. 2433 cc 100 bhp



Mk I (DF 300) Saloon wb: 9ft. 6in. 6 cyl. 2952 cc 90 bhp – discontinued
Mk I (DF 300) DHC wb: 9ft. 6in. 6 cyl. 2952 cc 100 bhp – discontinued
Mk II (DF 304)
wb: 9ft. 6in.
6 cyl.
3468 cc
107 bhp
6 cyl.
4617 cc
127 bhp
– new model
Saloon x x  
Sportsman Saloon x x  

Mk II Saloon

Mk I Drophead Coupé



Limousine wb: 10ft. 10in. 6 cyl. 4617 cc 127 bhp – new model



Cyril Corbishley drove this Conquest Century into 64th place in the 1954 Alpine Rally. Here he is at the Vipiteno control.