Classic Car Catalogue

Daimler 1938

New Fifteen 16.2 HP 6 cyl. 2166 cc 56 bhp wb: 9ft. 1½in. – discontinued
Fifteen 2½-litre 16.2 HP 6 cyl. 2522 cc 66 bhp wb: 9ft. 6in. – October
Light 20 19.3 HP 6 cyl. 2565 cc 62 bhp wb: 9ft. 6in.  
Twenty Four 23.8 HP 6 cyl. 3317 cc 75 bhp wb: 10ft. 4in.  
Light Straight 8 25.7 HP 8cyl. 3421 cc 100 bhp wb: 10ft. 3in. – discontinued
4½-Litre Straight 8   8cyl. 4624 cc 90 bhp wb: 11ft. 10in.  
Double Six   V12 cyl. 6511 cc 142 bhp wb: 13ft. 1in. – discontinued (1935-38 - 9 chassis)
4-Litre Straight 8   8 cyl. 3960 cc 90 bhp wb: 10ft. 3in. – new model

Great Britain

Daimler offers three Sixes (16.2, 19.3 and 23.8 HP) and two in-line Eights (25.7 and 31.7 HP).
Light Straight Eight chassis has 10 ft 3 in wheelbase and is widely used by well-known coachbuilders, including Arthur Mulliner, Vanden Plas, James Young, Freestone & Webb, Salmons & Sons. etc. The engine is an OHV straight-eight of 3421-cc capacity (72 x 105 mm), rated at 25.7 HP. Like all contemporary Daimlers it has Fluid Flywheel transmission incorporating four-speed pre-selective epicyclic gearbox. Rear axle is underslung three-quarter floating worm driven type.



New Fifteen 16.2 HP 6 cyl. 2166 cc 56 bhp wb: 9ft. 1½in. – discontinued
Fifteen 2½-litre (DB 18) 16.2 HP 6 cyl. 2522 cc 66 bhp wb: 9ft. 6in. – October


Light Straight 8


This car with its all round excellence has proved by its performance to be an
outstanding success.
It will appeal to the critical owner-driver who demands the maximum in comfort and safety, with a speed which few motor cars of its class can excel.
The smoothness of its silent eight cylinder in line engine is particularly apparent, and with the added advantage of the transmission of power through the medium of the famous Daimler Fluid Flywheel and pre-selective gearbox, this car is exceptionally easy to control under all conditions.
There is an increasing demand for a car of moderate size which can maintain a high average speed and yet combine high engine power with silence and good riding qualities.
Experience has made it comparatively simple to build a car with high horsepower, but speed generally has only been attained at the expense of comfort. In the Daimler Light Straight Eight the combination of speed with comfort has been accomplished. lts speed, acceleration and road holding ability are unsurpassed by any car.
These superlative qualities have been made possible without loss of comfort and with amazing docility under all conditions.
The graceful examples of the coachbuilders' art, illustrated in the following
pages, show how admirably the Daimler Light Straight Eight lends itself to the
trend for dignified yet modern design.
It is significant that at the Hastings Rally the Daimler Light Straight Eight
received the premier award for coachwork.
With its latest improvements the Daimler Light Straight Eight is now offered with the confidence that it will more than satisfy the most exacting demands.

The Daimler Transmission, comprising the Fluid Flywheel and 4-speed pre-selective epicyclic gearbox, provides the Daimler Light Straight Eight with a flexibility and ease of handling unsurpassed in any other type.
Briefly the main advantages of the system are:
ELIMINATION OF CLUTCH OPERATION. The Daimler Fluid Flywheel takes the place of the ordinary friction clutch, the functions of which it fulfils quite automatically, silently and with an infinite smoothness. Stopping and starting involves only the operation of brake and accelerator, while the engine cannot inadvertently be stopped when coming to rest. It continues to "tick over" although the car is stationary in gear.
UNEQUALLED FLEXIBILITY. When required, the car will idle along at less than half a mile an hour on top gear without any suspicion of snatch or jar. Acceleration trom this extremely slow pace is equally smooth.
SIMPLEST GEAR CHANGE. Any gear "pre-selected" by the small lever below the steering wheel is engaged instantly upon the simple depression and release of a pedal.
IMPROVED PERFORMANCE. The Daimler Fluid Flywheel Transmission appeals by reason of its wonderful simplicity and smoothness to the novice and expert alike. Acceleration is increased on any gear due to the rapidity and certainty with which gear changes can be made.
REDUCED UPKEEP COSTS. This Transmission must also appeal to the owner on the score of economy. lts high efficiency on all gears, its essential simplicity and reliability, and the reduction of wear and tear achieved by the cushioning effect of the Fluid Flywheel, all contribute very considerable savings in maintenance and depreciation costs.
Daimler Fluid Flywheel Transmission is licensed under Vulcan-Sinclalr & Daimler patents

Immensee strength yet light construction characterises the Light Straight Eight chassis frame. Lattice type stiffening inside the channels at all vital points, supplemented by cruciform bracing, gives exceptional rigidity.
The radiator, wings and lamps are mounted in a special independentdent
assembly in such a way that front end movements are practicaily imperceptible even under the worst type of road conditions. Engine is bi-axially mounted, supported on rubber at five points. The front bumper is of the harmonie stabilising type.
CHASSIS EQUIPMENT. Equipment includes front wings, harmonie
stabilising front bumper, spare wheel, tool kit, air silencer and cleaner, all electrical equipment including headlamps and dual passing lamps.
The instrument panel includes oil and water thermometer, ammeter, large diameter speedometer, clock, petrol gauge, main lighting switch, rheostat for instrument illumination, ignition and oil pressure indicator lights, Yale lock ignition switch.

Daimler ideals demand the production of a car with an outstanding performance achieved at all times and under all conditions with complete silence and unobtrusiveness. In short, car control that is by every standard the easiest and most pleasurable.
These standards can only be maintained by unsparing attention to detail in design and craftsmanship and a continued striving to give Daimler owners a car of unquestioned supremacy in the motoring world.
Road safety receives one of the greatest encouragements from the spread of Daimler ownership.
Unfailing dependability and pleasantness of operation are qualities which are taken for granted in a marque of Daimler's eminence. But it is the almost indefinable manner of its performance that is the special quality which distinguishes the Daimler from all other cars. It is a car which will be the deserving object of great admiration.