Classic Car Catalogue

Daimler 1936

15 R6 cyl. ohv 2003 cc   wb: 9ft. 1½in. – discontinued
20 R6 cyl. ohv 2687 cc   wb: 10ft. 4in. – discontinued
25 R8 cyl. ohv 3746 cc   wb: 11ft. 10in. – discontinued
Light 20 6 cyl. ohv 2565 cc 62 bhp wb: 9ft. 6in.  
Light Straight 8 8cyl. ohv 3421 cc 100 bhp wb: 10ft. 3in.  
4½-Litre Straight 8 8cyl. ohv 4624 cc 90 bhp wb: 11ft. 10in.  
Double Six V12 cyl. ohv 6511 cc 142 bhp wb: 13ft. 1in.  
15 6 cyl. ohv 2166 cc 56 bhp wb: 9ft. 1½in. – August
20 6 cyl. ohv 3317 cc 75 bhp wb: 10ft. 3in. / 10ft. 4in. – September

Great Britain

The 31-74 HP 4½-Litre Straight Eight chassis costs £900 and has a wheelbase of 11 ft 10 in. Wire spoke wheels are standard and the tyre size is 7.00-18.
Straight-Eight delivered to the King Edward VIII in June. The car is equipped with a telephone to communicate with the driver.
King's brother Albert, Duke of York acquired another Straight-Eight fitted with Lanchester radiator and bonnet.
There were more 'Lanchesterized' cars ordered by the Maharajah of Jamnagar and the Jam Sahib of Nawanagar.
The Lancefield Coachworks showed a spectacular Double-Six 'Saloon Limousine' designed for the carriage of wealthy invalids at the 1936 Olympia Motor Show. Fully 20 ft in length, it was the biggest car at the Show and had a large rear compartment panelled from the waistline up in burr walnut and containing a single removable stretcher bed, a wash basin, heater, cupboards for medicine and equipment and fixed and folding armchairs. It was designed to be as unobtrusive as such a huge car could be, with a dummy door on the off-side to give the illusion that it was just a private car.
Early in 1936 the British Government had at last realized the potential menace to peace posed by the rise of the Nazis in Germany and instituted a scheme operated by Daimler, Austin, Humber, Standard, Rover, Singer and Wolseley to build government-financed 'shadow factories' to manufacture components for Bristol Hercules radial aeroengines against an outbreak of hostilities: Daimler began work on its shadow factory alongside the Radford Works at the beginning of September 1936 with the aim of going into production within 18 months.



Light Straight Eight

The Royal Daimler/Lanchester Straight-Eight. The first of the series of four delivered to royal family in February.

Royal Daimler Double Six with pushrod vee-12 built for Queen Mary.

The new Fifteen, 2170 cc, £475.



  Event: Entered: Raced: Finished: Best results:
25.01-02.02.1936 Rallye Monte Carlo 1 1 0 39 de Moleyns   dnf