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Daihatsu 1979

Max Cuore        
Hijet (S40)        
Hijet (S60)        


The Charade became the Japanese "Car of the Year" for 1979.


Max Cuore

L45 wb: 2 cyl. ohc
547 cm³
28 PS (SAE)
2 cyl. ohc
547 cm³
31 PS (SAE)
2 cyl. ohc
547 cm³
29 PS (SAE)
Sedan 2-dr 2090 mm -
Sedan 4-dr 2090 mm -
Van (Kombi) 2090 mm -


By March, 1979 the car was renamed Daihatsu Cuore (though it still carried discrete "Max" badging), along with a power upgrade to 31 PS (23 kW) at 6000 rpm. Torque increased to 4.2 kg·m (41 N·m) for the engine, which now featured the DECS (Daihatsu Economical Clean-up System) emissions control system to meet the stricter 1978 (53年) emissions standards. The front grille and emblems were changed, while the seats were improved and new colors (inside and out) became available. The Cuore Van, available in Standard, DeLuxe, and Super DeLuxe grades, now had 29 PS (21 kW) on tap.
In most of Europe, the car was simply called Daihatsu Cuore beginning in 1977, although it retained the "Max" prefix in some markets. Export versions received the same lower-powered engine as the Cuore Van did in Japan.



wb: 2300 mm
3 cyl.
993 cm³
55 PS (JIS)
Hatchback 5-dr          
Hatchback 3-dr   – new model      




wb: 2335mm          
Sedan 4-dr          
Van (Kombi)          




wb: 2025 mm 4 cyl.
1587 cm³
65 PS (DIN)
4 cyl. diesel
62 PS (DIN)
Softtop F20 F50      
Hardtop F20 F50      
Pick-up F25 F55 – new model    


In 1979, trayback/ute versions of the F20 and F50 introduced as the F25 and F55 models.