Classic Car Catalogue

Daihatsu 1971

Fellow Max      
Hijet (S37)      
Hijet (S38) – new model in September    


The MP5 remained in production until December 1971.



L38 wb: 2 cyl. 2 stroke
356 cm³
33 PS (SAE)
2 cyl. 2 stroke
356 cm³
40 PS (SAE)
Sedan 2-dr 2090 mm SS  
Coupé       – August
Van (Kombi)   -  
Buggy       – discontinued


Minor changes in March 1971: new grille, dash modifications.
A sporty hardtop coupé with a lower roofline and a somewhat baroque front-end treatment was added in August (L38GL).



wb: 2160 mm 4-cyl. ohv
958 cm³
58 PS (SAE)
1,2 l.      
Sedan 2-dr        


In 1971, Publica's 1.2-litre was added to the range.