Classic Car Catalogue

Daihatsu 1967


Hijet (S35/36)  


A LeMans-style sportscar prototype, the "P-5" with the SS engine was shown at Tokyo Motor Show in October 





L37 wb: 2 cyl. 2 stroke
356 cm³
23 PS
2 cyl. 2 stroke
356 cm³
32 PS
Sedan 2-dr 1990 mm S/SX/SDX SS
Van (Kombi) 1940 mm S/SDX -
Pick-up 1940 mm S/SDX -


Originally only available in DeLuxe and Super DeLuxe equipment levels, a Standard version joined in February 1967. Also a wagon body (Fellow Van), as a mini-pickup truck and as a panel van become available from June. The Fellow also received a slight facelift in October 1967, with a new dashboard and steering wheel.
The Fellow SS, was presented at the 1967 Tokyo Motor Show in October.


Fellow SS







  wb:   4 cyl. ohv
797 cm³
4 cyl.
958 cm³
58 PS
4 cyl.
958 cm³
65 PS
Berlina 2-dr 2220 mm F40  
Wagon 2220 mm F30 - - – discontinued
Light Van 2220 mm F30V - - – discontinued
Spider 2220 mm F40K - -  
Berlina 4-dr 2400 mm F40 - -  
Pick-up   F31P - -  


In April a two-speed automatic transmission became available.
In May the Compagno received a minor facelift, with new head- and taillights and a new grille. The fender pressings were also subtly altered so as to streamline production. A Super Deluxe version of the four-door was added, while the Spider and GT gained front disc brakes. Last amongst the news was the 1000 GT Injection, with mechanical fuel injection albeit no more power than the existing twin-carb version. 800 cc engine discontinued.