Classic Car Catalogue

Citroën 1945

  wb: 4 cyl.
1911 cm³
56 ch
11 Légère 291 cm berline - June


From 1940-41, the construction of Citroën cars ceased completely. After the end of the war and the restoration of the workshops affected by the bombings, production resumed slowly, first with the 11th Légère in June 1945.
The first Traction Avant of 1945 retain exactly the presentation of the 1939-40 models, with the exception of their headlights, now painted not chromed. For painting, Citroën remains dependent on available stocks. Thus, the 11 Légère of 1945 appear in a very military greenish gray.
Citroën Cars Ltd in Slough have been assemblers of Citroën front-wheel drive cars for many years, importing the body pressings and mechanical components from France. Assembly of The Light Fifteen (an English equivalent of 11 CV Légère) started in October 1945 (wb 9 ft 6½ in, four-cyl. engine 1911-cc).