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 Cisitalia 1947



Cisitalia 202 Coupé (Enc.Wspaniałe-98)

Drugie (Nuvolari) i trzecie (Bernabei) miejsce w Mille Miglia (I).

202 MM (Bernabei)

202 CMM (Nuvolari)


Premiera modelu 202 w wersjach Sport Special i Mille Miglia na salonie w Paryżu we wrześniu. Silnik R4 o pojemności 1089 cm³ rozwija moc 50 KM.

1947 also saw the 202 MM (Mille Miglia) released. Designed by Vignale at Stabilimento Farina, it was a competition version of the standard car and lead the Mille Miglia in that year (driven by Nuvolari) until problems forced him into second place (behind an 8C2900 Alfa Romeo!). Visually identifiable by having two small 'aeroscreens' and fins on the rear wings. It was popularly known as the 202 MM 'Nuvolari' after his Mille Miglia drive.

Spider variants were also made, designed by Vignale and called the 202SC they were built by various carozzeria with small detail differences. The Coupé was known as the Gran Sport and was built from 1947.

An Italian newcomer to the American market is the Cisitalia. This car has created a sensation all over post-war Europe as a 1100 c.c. racing car. Now, a passenger "sports-car" version is being made, which weighs only 1270 pounds and for which a maximum speed of 106 m.p.h. is claimed. If this performance is not enough to satisfy, a special "Mille Miglia" type is planned, on which the weight is reduced to 1080 pounds, and the horsepower is increased from 50 to 60. This car is expected to go over 115 m.p.h., and will thus be one of the fastest road cars in the world. The center of gravity of this car is 16 inches above the ground. (Road & Track)

202 MM Savonuzzi