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Chrysler 1976

Avenger - September

Great Britain

The Alpine was introduced in England at the London Motor Show last year. It went on sale in January. In August 1976, the first Coventry-built Alpines had rolled off the line at Ryton.

Current Car of the Year title holder, now being assembled at the re-equipped Ryton plant from French components, this practical five-door five-seater will have a progressively increased British content. Transverse engine, front-wheel drive, transistor ignition, closed-circuit cooling, quickly adjustable headlamps are some of the basic features. The rear seat folds away. Reversing and fog warning lames are included. Two engines to choose from.
Hillman and Humber names are out; these improved Avengers are Chryslers built at Linwood. New front-end styling, new steering wheel and instrument panel create a family resemblance to the Alpine. Electric fans save power; engines are tuned for economy, all saloons except GLS have higher axle ratios. The brakes have split circuits with warning light; all models have servos. The upturned tail lamps are replaced by horizontal groups.
Four station wagons with choice of two engines are included in the eleven-model Avenger line-up for 1977. New front ends and bumpers, new exterior colours, complement the redesigned interiors with new switches, instruments and column controls. There is more legroom front and rear. Two-speed wipers, four-jet washers and heated rear window help all-round vision. Engines have thermostatic intake air control and electric fans.

(London report)



LS / GL (1294 cc, 68 bhp)
GLS (1442 cc, 85 bhp)
  Hatchback 5-dr



De Luxe (1295 cc, 59 bhp)
Super (1598 cc, 69 bhp)
  Saloon 2-dr
  Saloon 4-dr
GLS (1598 cc, 80 bhp)
  Saloon 4-dr
GT (1598 cc, 80 bhp)
  Saloon 2-dr

 Since their introduction in 1970, nearly 400,000 Avengers have been sold, making them one of the most popular cars on British roads, both for private and business use.
 During that time many, improvements have been made to the range, each year making Avengers that much better.
  For 1977, more improvements have been made than ever before, some fairly small, others very dramatic; all of them adding up to the best Avenger yet.
Changes to the outside.
  The first changes you'll notice are in the looks. Both front and rear (saloons only) have been extensively redesigned, for a much cleaner, handsome appearance and to fit in with Chrysler's new European styling.
  The front flashers/hazard warning lights are in wrap-round style for front wing safety and are standard on all new Avengers. On the GLS, the headlamps have been changed to quartz halogen.
  The rear lamp clusters are also wrap round for safety reasons (saloons only) and incorporate several improvements for increased efficiency.
  Still on exterior, front and rear bumpers have been redesigned, and the petrol filler cap has been moved from the rear to the side.
Even more on the inside.
  However, although the outside changes are the first ones you'll see, it's the long list of interior ones that'll really impress you. The redesigned fascia, for instance. There's a new padded steering wheel; the result of considerable research. It provides more driver comfort, easier control and operation and the fullest view of the new instrument panel which, incidently, has a new curved lens to avoid reflection.
  The fascia is also heavily padded all round for increased safety.
  Other major changes in this area are new steering column mounted switches (including electrically operated 4-jet screenwash and 2-speed wipers with flick wipe operation), illuminated heater controls and panel switches, and a comprehensive set of warning lights above the instruments.
New, improved seating.
  Seating in the new Avengers has also been improved. On all models, the front seat top frame has been redesigned to give more protection to rear passengers. Front seats of 4-door models Super and GLS have been changed for better ride and comfort.
  In the DL and Super 2-door models, a new locking device on the front seats gives easier access to the rear. On all new Avengers the driver has a facility for extra leg room if needed. In the Super and GLS there are new seat trim patterns and materials, and new trims in the DL.
  Other changes you'll find include a very roomy front parcel tray, interior bonnet release now on all models, new ashtrays and several important new safety features.
  All round, inside the new Avengers is definitely a new experience.
Improved Fuel Economy and braking system.
  The changes we've mentioned so far are those you can see. But equally important (some would say even more so) are those you won't see immediately but you'll certainly be aware of when you drive the new Avengers.
  Fuel economy: Extensive develop ment work with the accent on fuel consumption has lead to quite significant improvements, especially in town and short distance driving (it's these short distances that account for by far the largest part of your fuel). Some of the new overall figures are: up to 39 mpg for the 1600cc engines (manual), up to 40 mpg for the 1300cc engines (manual), and up to 38 mpg even from the big 1600 Estates.
  Those figures will take some beating by cars in Avengers' class, so if fuel economy is high on your list of priorities, Avenger should be high on your list of cars.
  Braking: Major improvements have been made to Avenger's braking system. Dual circuit brakes and servo assistance on all models as standard equipment. So the ample driving power is perfectly complemented by the stopping power.
What else should I know about the new Avengers?
  For a start, there's a beautiful full colour brochure giving full details of the Avenger range waiting for you at your Chrysler Dealer.
  Secondly, Avengers are, of course, covered by Chrysler's unique double protection, The Protector, with 12 months unlimited mileage and free replacements of certain major parts should they wear out during the warranty period.
  And finally, as well as a brochure, your Chrysler Dealer will give you a test drive in the Avenger of your choice.
  We've told you as much as possible, but when you drive one, only then will you know it's the Avenger you've been waiting for.




Calspan-Chrysler RSV Research Safety Vehicle

Based on a Simca 1308, this safety vehicle concept was revealed in London in 1976. It was developed jointly by Calspan Corporation of Buffalo NY and Chrysler Corporation in cooperation with NHTSA (National Highway Transportation Safety Administration) and DOT (U.S. Dept. of Transportation).