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Chrysler 1957


300 C    
New Yorker    
Diablo – prototype  
Falcon – prototype  


300 C
NEW YORKER (V8, 6423 cm³, 330 KM SAE)
SARATOGA (V8, 5801 cm³, 299 KM SAE)
WINDSOR (V8, 5801 cm³, 289 KM SAE)

Imperial kosztuje ok. 5000 dolarów.

  Glamorous is the word for it! Glamorous in the originality of its design—in the exclusiveness of its Flight-Sweep styling—in the luxury and comfort of its smart interiors—and, in the inherent beauty of its dynamic symmetry.
  Here is a design that is new, and fresh, and different—a perfectly balanced design, with the new look and feel of motion in every graceful line and contour.
  The bodies are low, yet there is generous headroom, and spacious front and rear compartments. The car has the appearance of exceptionally great length—the result of its Flight-Sweep design. And the intentional, reserved use of chrome and exterior embellishment give it a dignified beauty and charm that will have a great appeal for those who instinctively shy away from the garish and gaudy.
  The Chrysler Line for 1957—America's First Family of Fine Cars—includes three Models and twelve smart Body Styles.
  The Chrysler New Yorker—long recognized as one of the truly fine cars—has five distinctive body types—the Sedan—the Two-Door Hardtop—the Four-Door Hardtop—the Convertible Coupe—and the Town & Country Wagon.
  The next in line is the smart, new Chrysler Saratoga, with three beautiful body types—the Sedan—the Two-Door Hardtop—and the Four-Door Hardtop.
  The third member of the Chrysler Family for 1957 is the new, low-priced Chrysler Windsor. In this Model you have your choice of the Sedan—the Two-Door Hardtop—the Four-Door Hardtop—and the Town & Country Wagon.






Windsor and Saratoga

wb: 126 in. V8 90°
   285 hp   
V8 90°
   285 hp   
Windsor 4-dr Sedan x -
Windsor 2-dr Hardtop x -
Windsor 4-dr Hardtop x -
Windsor Town & Country 4-dr Wagon x -
Saratoga 4-dr Sedan - x
Saratoga 2-dr Hardtop - x
Saratoga 4-dr Hardtop - x



Windsor Newport 2-Door Hardtop with optional dual headlights.








New Yorker

wb: 126 in. V8 90°
   325 hp   
New Yorker 4-dr Sedan x
New Yorker 2-dr Hardtop x
New Yorker 4-dr Hardtop x
New Yorker Convertible Coupe x
New Yorker Town & Country 4-dr Wagon x









300 C

wb: 126 in. V8 90°
   375 hp    
300 C 2-dr Hardtop x
300 C 2-dr Convertible x

Chrysler 300 C


Chrysler 300 C na starcie do testu w Daytona Beach na Florydzie.

Chrysler 300 C Hardtop

Chrysler 300 C Convertible



Chrysler Dablo