Classic Car Catalogue

Chrysler 1953 


Windsor De Luxe
New Yorker
New Yorker De Luxe
Imperial Custom
Crown Imperial
D'Elegance – prototype






  wb: L6
   119 hp   
Windsor Sedan   x
Windsor Sedan (lwb)   x
Windsor Club Coupe   x
Windsor Town & Country Wagon   x
Windsor De Luxe Sedan   x
Windsor De Luxe Convertible   x
Windsor De Luxe Newport Hardtop   x

Windsor De Luxe Convertible



Windsor De Luxe Newport

Windsor De Luxe Convertible

Windsor 6 Passenger Sedan



Windsor Club Coupe

Windsor Town & Country


New Yorker

    wb: V8 90°
   180 hp   
New Yorker Sedan 125½ in. x
New Yorker Sedan (lwb) 139½ in. x
New Yorker Club Coupe 125½ in. x
New Yorker Convertible 125½ in. x
New Yorker Town & Country Wagon 125½ in. x
New Yorker Newport Hardtop 125½ in. x
New Yorker De Luxe Sedan 125½ in. x
New Yorker De Luxe Club Coupe 125½ in. x
New Yorker De Luxe Convertible 125½ in. x
New Yorker De Luxe Newport Hardtop 125½ in. x

New Yorker Sedan

New Yorker Deluxe Newport

New Yorker Club Coupé

New Yorker De Luxe Club Coupé


New Yorker Newport

New Yorker Town & Country Wagon



    wb: V8 90°
   180 hp   
Imperial Custom Sedan 133½ in. x
Imperial Custom Limousine 133½ in. x
Imperial Custom Hardtop 133½ in. x
Crown Imperial Sedan 145½ in. x
Crown Imperial Limousine 145½ in. x


Imperial Sedan


Imperial Town Limousine


Imperial Custom Limousine

There is a conservative elegance and an exclusive smartness about the Imperial, by Chrysler, that will be sincerely appreciated by those who are gifted and trained in the art of judging finely between the good and the best.
The lines are beautifully deigned and gracefully streamlined. Chrome embellishment is used in conservative good taste. The interiors are exquisite, with lavish appointments, handsomely executed. Everything conceivable for the comfort, safety, and well-being of the driver and passengers is included. And beneath this charming exterior are the finest, the longest list of notable engineering features, and the most brilliant performance to be found in any car today, whether built here in America or abroad.
The Town Limousine has the beautiful, smart and distinctive exterior lines as the Imperial Sedan. The chief difference between these two body types is in the glass partition,which separates the font and rear compartments of the Town Limousine, so that privacy may be had in the rear compartment. The glass partition is electrically operated, and can be raised or lowered by pressing the button conveniently located on each door panel. The windows, also, are electrically operated, with a separate motor for each window. The illustrations are eloquent evidence of the grandeur, the spaciousness, and the luxurious comfort Chrysler stylists have achieved in these superb interiors of such charming good taste.

Imperial Crown Vatican Limousine by Ghia.


A one-of-a-kind model built for the coronation of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.



Chrysler Prototype d'Elegance Coupé by Ghia


Chrysler Prototype d'Elegance Coupé


Chrysler Special Ghia


Special Ghia

Chrysler Special Ghia



World Sportscar Championship entries:
   Mille Miglia 26.04.1953 Entrant: Results:  
#         gen. class  
407 Saratoga   Frère / Milhoux   58th T+2.0 1st  
   Carrera Panamericana 23.11.1953 Entrant: Results:  
#         gen. class  
1 New Yorker Special   Maciel / de Oca Robredo fail. S+1.6 -  
3 New Yorker Special   Gray / Elliason Owen Gray fail. S+1.6 -  
16 New Yorker Special   Fitch / Boile Kiekhaefer nc S+1.6 -  
20 New Yorker Special   McFee / Thompson Kiekhaefer acc. S+1.6 -  
56 New Yorker   Korf / Ziebell Kiekhaefer dnf T -  
57 New Yorker   Menendez / Beake Kiekhaefer nc T -  
66 New Yorker   Drisdale / Gomez A. B. Poe 12th T 5th  
67 New Yorker   Russell / Ashley Knox Converse 13th T 6th  
70 New Yorker   Rogers / Rogers Al Rogers 27th T 18th  
101 New Yorker   Tostado / Porras Tostado 22nd T 14th