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Chevrolet 1978

Opel K-180  


General Motors Argentina S.A.,
Osvaldo Cruz 2900 (1923), Buenos Aires, Argentina
The Argentine General Motors plant builds two model series.
The Opel K 180 is based on the German Kadett but with Chevrolet engines. Only four-door sedan. Engine 1.8 liter inline four-cylinder 74 hp; with a compression ratio of 8.2: 1 designed for normal fuel. Three trim levels: Normal, Luxury and Rally.
The Chevy series was derived from the Chevrolet Nova. The Chevy Standard and Super as four-door sedans with 3.8 liter inline four-cylinder 126 hp. Chevy Malibu, four-door sedan with 4.1 liter inline six-cylinder 138 hp. Chevy Coupé with the same engine, but increased to 150 hp.

Opel K-180

wb: 2395 mm 4 cyl.
1797 cm³
86 cv
sedan 4-dr  



wb: 2820 mm 6 cyl.
3179 cm³
137 cv
6 cyl.
4097 cm³
150 cv
6 cyl.
4097 cm³
170 cv
Sedan 4-dr   Malibu    
Sedan 4-dr Super Super    
Coupé 2-dr     Serie 2