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Chevrolet / Opel 1977

Opel K-180  


General Motors Argentina SA,
Av. San Martin 7665, San Martin (Prov. Buenos Aires), Argentina
The Argentine General Motors subsidiary has only two model lines in the program. The German Kadet runs there under the model name Opel K 180. As a large midsize car, the Chevy is produced, which was derived from the Chevrolet Nova.
The Opel K 180 os offered only as a four-door sedan version with a 1.8-litre engine from Chevrolet. A luxury variant LX with leather interior.
Chevrolet Chevy comes as four-door sedan and coupe. In the program since 1969 however in 1974 came a newer model, derived from the Chevrolet Nova. Standard with 3.8-litre 137 hp, Malibu and Super with 4.1-litre six-cylinder 152 hp; Chevy Series 2 Coupe with 4.1-litre 174 hp.


wb: 2395 mm 4 cyl.
1797 cm³
86 cv
sedan 4-dr  



wb: 2820 mm 6 cyl.
3179 cm³
137 cv
6 cyl.
4097 cm³
150 cv
6 cyl.
4097 cm³
170 cv
Sedan 4-dr   Malibu    
Sedan 4-dr Super Super    
Coupé 2-dr     Serie 2