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Chevrolet 1954


Bel Air
Corvair – prototype
Nomad – prototype 



Models equiped with Powerglide Automatic Transmission are powered by 125 h.p. “Blue Flame 125” engine.

Chevrolet for 1954 brings you beauty that's grew from every point of view. New front- and rear-end design, massive new bumpers extending even farther around the fenders and many other styling advances tastefully accent Chevrolet's beautiful Body by Fisher. The result is an even lower, longer and fleeter appearance . . . an even more distinctive and delightful beauty.
Interiors, too, are new! They're smartly tailored in a wide variety of new fabrics and vinyls. And even the smallest details are color-keyed to harmonize with a wide selection of new "fashion fiesta" exterior colors.
But that's only part of the story. There's big news under the hood – new power and performance . . . new engine quietness and smoothness plus truly outstanding economy. And you'll find much more that's new awaiting you in the beautiful 1954 Chevrolet!




Bel Air

BEL AIR (6 cyl., 235.5, 115 h.p.; wb: 115 in.)
 2 Door Convertible
 2 Door Hardtop Sport Coupé
 2 Door Sedan
 4 Door Sedan
 4 Door Stn Wgn


Bel Air Sport Coupé

Bel Air

Bel Air sedan

Bel Air Convertible

Bel Air Hardtop Sport Coupé. Reklama z kwietnia tego roku.

Bel Air sedan & 150 Special Sedan



Two-Ten / Delray

DELUXE 210 (6 cyl., 235.5, 115 h.p.; wb: 115 in.)
 2 Door Sedan
 4 Door Sedan
 4 Door Stn Wgn
 Del Ray 2 Door Coupé


210 Club Coupé


Delray Club Coupé


210 Sedan

210 Deluxe Sedan

Delray Club Coupé – July advert


SPECIAL 150 (6 cyl., 235.5, 115 h.p.; wb: 115 in.)
 150 2 Door Sedan
 150 4 Door Sedan
 150 4 Door Stn Wgn
 150 Utility 2 Door Sedan


150 Sedan

150 Utility Sedan


150 Sedan

150 Utility Sedan

Station Wagons

150 Handyman and Bel Air Townsman


210 Handyman

Service cars




2 Door Convertible










Exhibited at General Motors Motorama, the Chevrolet Nomad. Though styled like an early Corvette, the concept is actually mounted on Chevy’s larger 115-inch wheelbase station wagon chassis. Stylish roof features frameless doors, slanted B-pillar and side window treatment. Under the hood of the prototype is the 150 horsepower, 235.5 cubic inch six-cylinder engine, equipped with triple carburetors.

Corvair Sports Coupe Concept Car



Corvette Concept Cars



Sedan Delivery

Sedan Delivery



Panel Delivery

Suburban Carryall 


50 Millionth GM Car



Wyprodukowany w tym roku Bel Air '55 był pięćdziesięciomilionowym samochodem zbudowanym przez General Motors.

General Motors Firerbird XP-21


Firebird at Paris Motor Show.



Jednoosobowy, przypominający rakietę prototyp GM Firebird XP-21 napędzany jest turbiną gazową o mocy 370 KM. Pierwszy silnik tego typu "Turbocruiser", General Motors zbudował w ubiegłym roku.


The Story Behind the XP-21 Firebird
The XP-21 Firebird is the first gas turbine automobile ever to be built and tested in the United States.
It is not the first in a new line of General Motors cars. It will never be seen on a public highway. Actually, it is built only for the proving ground and test track.
What is the XP-21 designed to prove and test? First of all, this sleek, white single-seater is a vehicle for the study of the future possibilities of the gas turbine for commercial uses. It is part of an over-all General Motors research and engineering program to examine every known form of motive power.
But this important fact should also be noted: Although the prodigious power and speed potentials of gas turbines are well known, GM is not trying to develop either overwhelming horsepower or tremendous speeds in this test car. Rather, we are trying to determine whether the turbine can be harnessed to give efficient and economical performance in the low and normal automotive driving ranges.
An Old GM Custom
It has long been a GM custom for our stylists, engineers and researchers to design, build and test "working samples" in scanning the automobile's future. It is experimentation that goes far beyond sketches, drawings and theories.
In the past, this practice has produced such famed GM "range finders" as the Train of Tomorrow (1947), the automotive Y-job (1938), Le Sabre and XP-300 (1951), all of which were built to test both design and mechanical theories.
How the Firebird has Born
The idea of the Firebird originated with Harley J. Earl, GM Vice President in charge of styling staff, who also designed its fiber glass reinforced plastic body. The car's Whirlfire Turbo Power engine and the chassis were developed under direction of GM Vice President Charles L. McCuen, general manager of GM Research Laboratories Division.


F.I.A. World Sports Car Championship entries:
  Carrera Panamericana 19-23.11.54 (round 6) *   Results:
#       Entrant: gen. class      
12 Corvette   von Esser / Pultz von Esser fail. S+1.5 -    
216 Bel Air   Descote / Marin Descote 46th TS 19th    
221 Bel Air   Larocca / Aguilar Larocca 55th TS 27th    
229 Bel Air   Ciani / Munguin Ciani 49th TS 22nd    
240 Bel Air   Torisse / Torrente Torisse 59th TS 31st    
241 Bel Air   Gulle / Reyes Gulle 62nd TS 33rd    
243 Bel Air   Mantega / Nunez Mantega 43rd TS 16th    
245 Bel Air   Jaras / Bravo Jaras 51st TS 24th    
247 Bel Air   Videla / Venturelli Videla 58th TS 30th    
301 Bel Air   Olazabel / Botta Olazabel 56th TS 28th    
303 Bel Air   de la Rosa / Antenone de la Rosa 60th TS 32nd    
320 Bel Air   Tirabasso / Giscoman Tirabasso 45th TS 18th    
326 Bel Air   Caparrós / Paladino Caparrós 42nd TS 15th    
340 Bel Air   Taddia / Messino Taddia 47th TS 20th    
342 Bel Air   Alaimo / Rodriguez Alaimo 48th TS 21st    
* only finishing cars listed.

Chevrolet Bel Air (Jorge Descote / Antolin Sanchez Marin) entered by Jorge Descote finished 46th at Carrera Panamericana.


Chevrolet Corvette C1, engine: V8 5300 cm³ (Bill von Esser / Ernest Pultz) entered by Bill von Esser didn't finish Carrera Panamericana.