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Cadillac 1963

De Ville    


Cadillac has been universally recognized as the Standard of the World for more than sixty years. This enviable position has been earned by the ingenuity, skill and dedication of the men who design, engineer and build this great car. One of the outstanding achievements made in the 1963 Cadillac is the unique new true-center drive line. The advanced design and precision assembly of this unit isolate and cancel vibrations and driving impulses. The flow of power from engine to rear wheels is incredibly smooth and even under all load and road conditions. Other exclusive Cadillac refinements, for example are the separate front and rear power brake systems combined with a true auxiliary parking brake into a triple braking system. In addition, all four brake drums are finned for better cooling, smoother stops and longer lining life. Furthermore, they are self-adjusting to minimize maintenance. Cadillac's new lightweight power plant has a higher power-to-weight ratio than ever before. This is an improvement even on Cadillac's famed past performance. With Cadillac's exclusive suspension system-impervious to climate changes-you enjoy the world's finest ride at all times. Your authorized Cadillac dealer will be glad to tell you the other exclusive advantages whenever you have the time.

Standard power equipment on all models:
Cadillac POWER STEERING ... for easier parking. cornering and nearly effortless highway travel ... retains the "feel of the road” and is self-recovering.
Cadillac HYDRA-MATIC DRIVE ... for instant, smooth response. is now more efficient than ever.
Cadillac POWER BRAKES ... for quick, smooth stops with little effort. Newly improved with dual master cylinder and separate fluid system.
Cadillac HEATER and DEFROSTER ... keeps windshield clear, provides warm air to front and rear compartments.



  w.b.: 129.5 in. V8 cyl.
62 4 Door Hardtop (4 Window)  
62 4 Door Hardtop (6 Window)  
62 2 Door Coupé  
62 2 Door Convertible  


62 Coupé

62 Convertible

62 Sedan 6 Windows

62 Sedan 4 Windows


De Ville

  w.b.: 129.5 in. V8 cyl.
Sedan de Ville 4 Door (4 Window)  
Sedan de Ville 4 Door (6 Window)  
Coupé de Ville 2 Door Hardtop  
Park Avenue 4 Door Hardtop  


Park Avenue Sedan DeVille

Sedan DeVille 6 Windows

Coupé DeVille

Sedan DeVille 4 Windows



  w.b.: 130 in. V8 cyl.
Biarritz 2 Door Convertible  


Eldorado Biarritz



    w.b.: V8 cyl.
60 Special 4 Door Sedan 130 in.  
75 4 Door Sedan 149¾ in.  
75 4 Door Limousine 149¾ in.  


Fleetwood 60 Special

75 Fleetwood




62 Convertible

Fleetwood Sixty Special

Fleetwood 75 and Eldorado

62 Sedan Four-Window





Cadillac Concept Car