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Cadillac 1959

De Ville – new model
Cyclone – prototype


Lista wyposażenia dodatkowego najtańszego Cadillaca Series 62 obejmuje instalację radiową z głośnikami i automatyczną anteną, elektrycznie sterowane szyby, elektrycznie regulowane siedzenia przednie, opony z białym pasem, pneumatyczne zawieszenie. Standardowo, za ok. 5000 dolarów klient otrzymuje automatyczną skrzynię biegów, wspomaganie układu kierowniczego i hamulcowego. Za wzrost mocy o 20 KM trzeba dopłacić 134 dolary. Najdroższy Eldorado Brougham kosztuje ok. 13 tys. dolarów.
Prototyp Cyclone Był główną atrakcją tegorocznej "Motoramy". Inspirowane sylwetką odrzutowego myśliwca nadwozie ma podnoszoną, plastikową kopułę, w której naniesiono srebrny pył. Podnosi się ona automatycznie przy otwarciu odsuwanych drzwi. Umieszczone w "stożkach" na przodzie czujniki radarowe ostrzegają o zbliżaniu się do przeszkody. Samochód ma też interkom, umożliwiający rozmowę z osobą znajdującą się na zewnątrz.

Cadillac POWER STEERING makes parking ... maneuvering in traffic ... and highway travel an easy and effortless pleasure.
Cadillac POWER BRAKES enable the driver to bring the car to a quick, safe stop with gentle pressure from either foot.
Cadillac HYDRA-MATIC DRIVE provides eager, smooth response as it automatically shifts gears for the driver.
Cadillac AIR SUSPENSION provides riding quality that is unobtainable with conventional springs. Pioneered by Cadillac, this newest and most outstanding advancement in passenger car riding comfort also levels the car to normal height under a minimum or maximum complement of passengers and luggage. *
Cadillac CRUISE CONTROL permits the driver to maintain a constant speed of travel automatically. It promotes highway safety by reducing fatigue and is also an aid to increased fuel economy, **
POWER WINDOWS AND SEATS available on all models ate convenience items you will certainly want to have on your favorite Cadillac, They are standard at no extra cost on many body styles.
THE Cadillac "AUTRONIC-EYE" automatic head lamp control dims your headlights as other cars approach or when you enter a brightly lighted area. This automatic headlamp beam control is an additional aid to safe, nighttime motoring. **
ELECTRIC DOOR LOCKS permit the driver and front seat passenger to lock and unlock all doors automatically at the touch of a switch. *
Cadillac AIR CONDITIONING lets you ride always in the cool comfort you enjoy in your air conditioned office or home. Special features dehumidify the air and remove dust, pollen and smoke. **
E-Z-EYE GLASS reduces eyestrain by eliminating annoying glare. It filters out radiant heat, helping to keep the car interior cool. **
THE Cadillac RADIO produces rich, full tones and long-range reception unique in a motor car radio. Tuning is automatic at a finer touch. The two-speaker system is supplied at no extra cost. Antenna is electrically operated. *
Cadillac HEATING SYSTEM is unusually efficient and simple to operate. It provides warm air to both front and rear compartments, as well as heated air to the windshield for superb defrosting. *
Cadillac FOG LAMPS provide illumination close to the surface of the road. They contribute greatly to safer driving in adverse weather."
* Standard on the Eldorado Seville, Biarritz and Brougham.
** Standard on the Eldorado Brougham.



wb: 130 in. V8 cyl
6383 cm³
315 KM
 2 Door Convertible
 2 Door Coupé
 4 Door Hardtop (4 Window)
 4 Door Hardtop (6 Window)

This brilliant new motor car provides a perfect introduction to Cadillac's inspiring beauty for 1959. From its dazzling new grille ensemble to its dramatically sweeping rear lies, it is a classic achievement in elegance and majesty of styling. The Sixty-Two Coupé-most modestly priced of all the Cadillac models-features richly appointed interiors beautifully combining fine, modern upholsteries in this broad selection of optional color schemes- silver-black with white, blue-black with metallic blue, rose-black with metallic rose, turquoise-black with metallic turquoise, green-black with metallic green. It is also available upholstered in fawn or grey Mojave cloth.

Here in the full breadth of its hold, sweeping lines you can see how skilled artisans working with steel and glass-have created a modern masterpiece of automotive sculpture. And never has the Sixty-Two Sedan been more lavishly appointed or more rewarding to own. Every new luxury and convenience appointment is in constant attendance to both driver and passegers-while Cadillac's new interior roominess provides perfect comfort through even the longest journey.

Brilliantly new in beauty and bearing, the styling of the Sixty-Two Sedan features an entirely new concept in sedan design. The driver is surrounded by safety plate glass-providing greater motoring pleasure and safety than he has ever known. A single rear window curves completely around the rear quarter panels of the car-and the sweeping roof line extends rearward beyond the window to form a protective visor. To take command of this newest Sixty-Two Sedan is to experience a new measure of motoring satisfaction-and to learn the facts about its great practicality is to understand a new concept of motoring value. Interior fabrics are identical with those of the Sixty-Two Coupé.

Cadillac's magnificently new design and craftsmanship are dramatically displayed in the Sixty-Two Convertible. Behind a new windshield of epic proportions, the driver surveys the world about him over a remarkable, low, broad expanse of hood and fenders . . . flowing together in one smooth, rhythmic line. While inside he is surrounded by finely grained leathers either in black and white ... red and white ... turquoise metallic ... blue metallic ... green metallic ... saddle tan ... red or black.


De Ville

wb: 130 in. V8 cyl.
315 h.p.
 Coupé Deville 2 Door Hardtop,
 Deville 4 Door Sedan (4 Window),
 Deville 4 Door Sedan (6 Window)

The completely new profile and interior elegance of the Coupé de Ville assure its continued affection in the hearts of the world's motorists. Inspect from any viewpoint, and you will discover a rare discernment and imagination by its desiners . . . craftsmanship and quality by its builders. Magnificent interior fabrics include Camden cloth in hues of gray, little and fawn with matching leathers ... silver-black Coronado with white Coronado with green metallic leather ... turquoise-black Coronado with turquoise metallic leather ... and rose Coronado with rose metallic leather.

The Sedan de Ville for 1959 is, as always, a celebrity even among Cadillacs. This year-with an entirely new roof line-its aristocratic flair is especially dramatic and pronounced. Rear fender panels wing gracefully backward and upward, while the deck lid slopes gradually to the rear bumper. Like all 1959 Caclillacs its new acrylic finishes maintain their lustrous tones longer and require only minimum care. The gorgeous interiors arc-as always-dramatic and inspiring to behold. The Sedan de Ville offers the same interior selections as the beautiful Coupé de Ville.

Splendor is tile constant companion of the owner of this supremely gracious version of the Sedan de Ville. Its advanced features of engineering and construction provide the most satisfying performance and superb comfort ever achieved in Cadillac's fifty-seven years of fine car leadership. And here, too, are all the elegant luxuries that have won for the Cadillac de Ville models the admiration of motorists everywhere. Interior selections are of course, the same in all three distinguished de Ville creations.



    wb: V8 cyl.
315 h.p.
60 Special 4 Door Sedan 130 in  
75 4 Door Limousine 149¾ in  
75 4 Door Sedan 149¾ in  

Seldom has a manufactured product been bestowed with such world acclaim as has this great motor car. And this year will surely add still greater lustre to its noble reputation. Its subtle accents of finely drawn chrome ... its substantial, yet ethereal beauty of silhouette ... its elegant simplicity of design ... make it a classic among motor cars-a perfect blend of the contemporary and the traditional. Its wide selection of fabrics and leathers include blue Colony cloth with matching leather ... blue, fawn, green and gray Clarion and Concord cloth combinations ... as well as black Colony cloth with white leather solid gray Concord or wool broadcloth .. and solid blue of fawn Concord cloth.

Never has the Cadillac crest adorned more impressive or distinctive motor cars than the Fleetwood Seventy-Five models for 1959. Dignity and bearing are evident in detail -from massive grille to distinctive roof and rear deck design. Never before has a motor car of this stature been so dramatically styled ... so exciting to behold ... so easy to drive and to handle . . . so practical to own and to operate. Passenger compartments are impeccably tailored in gray or fawn wool broadcloth or in gray or lawn wool broadcloth and Bedford Cord. The glass partitioned chauffeur's compartment in the Limousine may he crafted in gray or fawn leather to match the rear compartment ... or black Ieather may be selected.



  wb: 130 in. V8 cyl.
335 h.p.
2 Door Convertible
4 Door Hardtop
2 Door Coupé

Only from the great traditions of Cadillac could there come a motor car as surpassingly fine ss that portrayed - the 1959 Eldorado Biarritz. Luxurious beyond description, it offers spectacular performance and handling ease. Every known motoring advancement makes each journey memorable. Standard equipment includes a custom engineered 345-horsepower engine, air suspension. electrically powered front seat adjustment, electric door locks and window regulators, power steering and braking, radio and heater. Interiors are offered in deep-grained Cardiff and Florentine leathers in tones of bronze metallic ... blue metallic ... gray metallic ... slate green metallic ... black ... white ... and red.

Here in the Eldorado Seville for 1959 is a veritable wonder-world of luxury-with rare beauty and harmony of color ... flawless Fleetwood coachcrafting ... perfect convenience of appointments. Here, too, are new beauty and elegance of design ... new smoothness of ride ... new horizons of motoring pride and pleasure. As a companion to the Eldorado Biarritz, interior selections include fine fabrics as well as leathers. The exterior roof surface is covered in a weather resistant fabric. To complement its exterior and interior magnificence, the Eldorado Seville provides, as standard equipment, the same special aids to comfort and driving pleasure as the Eldorado Biarritz.

The Eldorado Brougham is unique among motor cars. Custom-designed and custom-built, it is dramatically and classically beautiful. Every advanced feature of comfort ... convenience ... luxury ... and performance known to automotive science is utilized to make the Cadillac Eldorado Brougham the source of utmost pride and pleasure. Cadillac Air Conditioning, Cruise Control anti Automatic Headlamp Control are included as standard equipment among its many special features. Interiors are styled and fashioned in a great variety of elegant selections of the world's choicest leathers and fabrics. Consult with your authorized Cadillac dealer for details on this limited production motor car.






XP-74 Cyclone          
Loewy Cadillac Sedan          

Cadillac Cyclone

Cadillac Cyclone at the Chicago Motor Show

Cadillac Cyclone

A plastic canopy cover the two-seat cockpit on the Cadillac Cyclone concept car. When the top open, it activate the siding doors. When the roof and doors are closed, the occupants have a 360-degree view. The roof is specially coated with "vaporized silver" to deflect ultra violet rays. “Dagmar” front nose cones house radar to warn of obstacles ahead, and partially-hidden quad headlights fill the grille opening. Under the air scoop on the front-hinged hood sit a high-performance, 325 horsepower Cadillac V-8.