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Buick 1953 


40 Special
50 Super
70 Roadmaster
Wildcat - prototype  



This automobile, you will discover, is not for the humdrum life. For the Buick Estate Wagon is versatility itself. It is a sumptuous motorcar with the comfort of a limousine. It has the graceful sweep and style of a fine sedan. And it has a sports-car verve that sets it far beyond the utility class. With it, you're handily and handsomely set for a shopping jaunt, a guest-trip to the station, a week end in the game fish country, a sunny afternoon at swimming or golf. Or – you're impeccably correct in formal scenes. But unlimited versatility here comes with practically unlimited performance. For the Buick Estate Wagon is available only on the SUPER chassis, as pictured above, or the ROADMASTER chassis. Which means you get the mighty power of the world's newest and most advanced V8 engine – the flash-fast getaway of Twin-Turbine Dynaflow* - the level luxury of a still finer balanced ride – the wonderful handling ease of a more maneuverable car, of Power Steering*, of Power Brakes'. Since the Estate Wagon is a strictly limited edition Buick – only four new-car buyers in a thousand can be supplied this year – it may be wise to see us about it this week. We will be happy to quote specifications, prices-and delivery dates.
*Standard on Roadmaster, optional at extra cost on other Series. 'Available at additional cost on Roadmaster and Super models only.

 2 Door Convertible
 2 Door Sedan
 4 Door Sedan
 Riviera 2 Door Hardtop
 2 Door Convertible
 4 Door Sedan
 4 Door Stn Wgn
 Riviera 2 Door Hardtop
 Riviera 4 Door Sedan
 2 Door Convertible
 4 Door Stn Wgn
 Riviera 2 Door Hardtop
 Riviera 4 Door Sedan
 Skylark 2 Door Convertible

W tym roku firma obchodziła swoje pięćdziesięciolecie. W czerwcu powstał siedmiomilionowy Buick. Budowany w limitowanej serii Skylark, inspirowany prototypem Le Sabre, wyposażony jest we wspomaganie hamulców, elektrycznie podnoszone szyby, siedzenia i automatycznie wysuwaną antenę sprzężoną z odbiornikiem radiowym Seletronic. Nazwisko nabywcy grawerowane jest na złotej tabliczce umieszczonej na piaście koła kierownicy.


Skylark Model 76 X

Super Convertible

Roadmaster Riviera 2dr Hardtop

Special Golden Anniversary

Roadmaster Riviera

Roadmaster Convertible i Roadmaster Riviera Sedan

Roadmaster Estate Wagon i Skylark

Super Riviera

Super Riviera Sedan i Super Convertible

Special Riviera

Special Tourback Sedan 2- i 4-Door


Air Conditioning

HOW IT WORKS- (A) is the cooling unit, mounted in the car trunk out of the way, and protected against luggage. Two intakes lead outside air to this "cold coil," where it is cooled and then blown by a pair of blowers through ducts along the ceiling, so the cold air is introduced in a gentle diffusion. Two intakes behind the rear seat send back partially cool air to the cooling unit again. (B) is the compressor for the refrigerant. (C) is the condenser, where the compressed gas is cooled down to a liquid state again, ready to be piped to the rear of the car for cooling more air. Air filters are easy to remove for cleaning. No tools are needed. Refrigerating unit needs no defrosting.

No matter what the outside temperature-you can stay wonderfully cool, relaxed and refreshed with the Buick Air-conditioner. Outside air (red arrows) enters at the rear of the car, passes over the cooling coils, and is blown through roof ducts to outlets on both sides of the car (blue arrows). Mixed with outside air, it is then recirculated, from the rear seat-shelf to the cooling coils again (black arrow), to maintain a uniform circulation and freedom from drafts. A bulb-type thermostatic control keeps the air at whatever comfort level you select. Individual air - directors allow passengers to control the air-flow in their vicinity.





Buick Wildcat

Wildcat. "Venti-ports" - znak rozpoznawczy Buicka, w tym eksperymentalnym modelu powędrowały na górną część błotników.


A view of Harley Earl's legendary 1951 LeSabre dream car at the 1953 Chicago show. Body panels were made of magnesium, and a jet-like intake contained two headlights. Housed in the rear fenders were the tanks for the gasoline and alcohol fuel.



World Sportscar Championship entries:
   Carrera Panamericana 23.11.1953 Entrant: Results:  
#         gen. class  
88 Buick Hall / Unser   E.C. Hall 28th T 19th  
93 Buick Zoccano / Barnhar   Pat Zoccano 20th T 12th