Classic Car Catalogue

Buick 1952 


40 Special
50 Super
70 Roadmaster


40 SPECIAL (R8 cyl., 263.3, 120 h.p., or 128 h.p. with Dynaflow Drive, wb.: 121 ½ in.)
 2 Door Sedan,
 2 Door Sport Coupé,
 4 Door Sedan,
 Deluxe 2 Door Convertible,
 Deluxe 2 Door Sedan,
 Deluxe 4 Door Sedan,
 Deluxe Riviera 2 Door Hardtop
50 SUPER (R8 cyl., 263.3, 124 h.p. Or 128 h.p with Dynaflow Drive, wb.: 121 ½ in. or 125 ½ in. on Model 52)
 2 Door Convertible,
 4 Door Sedan,
 4 Door Stn Wgn,
 Riviera 2 Door Hardtop
70 ROADMASTER (R8 cyl., 320.2, 170 h.p., wb.: 126 ½ in. or 130 ¼ in. on model 72R)
 4 Door Sedan
 2 Door Convertible,
 4 Door Stn Wgn,
 Riviera 2 Door Hardtop,
 Riviera 4 Door Sedan

Pierwszy raz firma oferuje wspomaganie kierownicy.


Power steering is offered for the first time this year.



Roadmaster Sedan (mod.72R)

Roadmaster Convertible (mod.76C)

Roadmaster Convertible

Roadmaster Estate Wagon (mod.79R)

Roadmaster Riviera (mod.76R)

Roadmaster Convertible



Here is Superb Travel modestly priced...

EASY ON THE EYE, and easy to buy-that's the quick story of the high-styled, generously sized SUPER.
With this dashing beauty, you get the truly thrilling performance of Buick's brilliant F-263 Fireball Engine and all the generous gas mileage of its valve-in-head high-compression efficiency-with 124 horsepower on Synchro-Mesh models, 128 horsepower on Dynaflow Drive models (at extra cost).
You get the solid comfort of Buick's all-coil-spring ride and the soft comfort of gently-yielding seat cushions. You get richly fashioned interiors, with new fabrics, fittings, and finish of smart taste and impeccable quality.
You get, too, superb handling ease-whether you take the big 121 ½ inch wheelbase, or the regally sized SUPER Riviera Sedan of 125 ½ inch wheelbase.
Whatever your choice, you'll travel superbly well in the superlative SUPER-biggest buy in the medium-price field.

The SUPER Riviera Sedan, Model 52 – Bigest of the big -buy SUPERS, this extra-long 4-door beauty rides on 125 ½ -inch wheelbase, carries six in more than spacious comfort. Note the generous sweep of extra side windows, and the lively, rangy look of this smooth-stepping traveler.

The SUPER Convertible, Model 56C – Stunning lines and sparkling brilliance of action keynote this lithe and graceful all-weather Buick. Room for six, of course plus hydraulic controls for top, window, and front-seat adjustment.

The SUPER Riviera, Model 56R – Here's the Convertible look with the Sedan comfort of a permanent steel roof. It's racy of line, seats six in comfort, has almost as much visibility as a top-down Convertible.


The SUPER Estate Wagon, Model 59 – For those who combine city life with country living, and want a spirited motorcar which smartly serves both. Seasoned wood and sturdy metal dress this 4-door carrier of six big people and all their gear or luggage.


Here's Beauty On a Budget...

Look with special interest at these very special beauties. For here is thoroughbred Buick building in a true budget price range.
Here is the serene comfort of the Buick dream ride, the swift response of Fireball valve-in-head engine power, the room and size and feather-light handling ease so typically Buick's-all in a complete line of smart automobiles – and each priced low enough for any new-car budget.
Wheelbase is a convenient 121 ½ inches. Engine is the big F-263 Fireball eight-with 120-hp on Synchro-Mesh models, 128-hp on Dynaflow models (at extra cost) – and with the high miles-per-gallon economy of this high-efficiency valve-in-head power plant.
If it's luxury you want-luxury of room and fabrics, of ride and power, of style and silky smoothness-at a bedrock price-the SPECIAL is a very special buy.

The SPECIAL 4-Door Tourback Sedan, Model 41D – Big beauty in everything but price is this highly popular six-passenger Sedan with true de luxe finish throughout. As spirited in action as it is in appearance, this luxury traveler is also a budget-pleasing buy.

Special Riviera (mod.45R) Convertible (mod.46C) and Tourback Sedan (mod.48D)





1951 XP-300 prototype at Chicago Motor Show.