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Buick 1933


Series 50 (8 cyl, 230.4, 86 bhp; wb: 119 in.)
Series 60
(8 cyl, 272.6, 97 bhp; wb: 127 in.)
Series 80
(8 cyl, 344.8, 113 bhp; wb: 130 in.)
Series 90
(8 cyl, 344.8, 113 bhp; wb: 138 in.)


33-50 Series Coupe
33-50 Series Convertible Coupe
33-50 Series Special Coupe
33-50 Series Sedan
33-50 Series Coupe
33-60 Series Convertible Coupe
33-60 Series Special Coupe
33-60 Series Sedan
33-60 Series Coupe
33-60 Series Convertible Phaeton
33-80 Series Coupe
33-80 Series Convertible Coupe
33-80 Series Sport Coupe
33-80 Series Sedan
33-80 Series Convertible Phaeton
33-90 Series Sedan
33-90 Series Limousine
33-90 Series Club Sedan
33-90 Series Coupe
33-90 Series Sedan


Buick wyprodukował 40,5 tys. samochodów.

The motor car decision you make this year is an important one. On it depend the motoring satisfaction and happiness of yourself and your family for years to come.
Will you decide on a really fine car that will give you dependable, economical motoring for scores of thousands of miles?
Will you enjoy true motoring comfort, modern motoring luxury, and performance that will carry you swiftly and powerfully with almost unbelievable road steadiness?
Will you drive an automobile that is a sound investment in transportation, a car that the whole world respects?
Then the 1933 Buick is your car.
There are twenty models of the new Buick, each designed to meet an individual preference in styling, in size and in price. And each, regardless of the model you select or the price you pay, is a Buick through and through ... the finest Buick ever built.
Buick s beautiful new Bodies by Fisher - longer, larger, lower, with smart Wind-Stream Styling-offer plenty of room in which to relax and enjoy motoring.
Buick's extra rugged chassis provides an even greater measure of the stamina that has enabled Buick after Buick to give 150,000 miles and more of satisfactory motoring.
Buick's new and improved mechanical features, especially designed to make driving easier, more convenient, more automatic, impart the final degree of comfort and driving ease.
New Fisher No-Draft Individually Controlled Ventilation System is a particularly important contribution to motoring comfort and safety.
Surely these 1933 Buicks, which surpass even the fine Buicks of the past, will create a place even more secure in the field of fine cars, in which Buick has so long enjoyed undisputed leadership.

The Four-Door Sedan ... Model Fifty-Seven-This Fine Sedan is one of the five beautiful new Buicks in the 33-50 Series which bring the pleasure, the satisfaction and the economy of Buick ownership to thousands of families who want a moderate priced car.... For example, it would be difficult for any car to surpass this fine sedan in comfort and luxury. The new-design plain-type cushions are as restful as a favorite armchair. Carpets harmonizing in color with interior trim cover the tonneau floor. Arm rests, assist Cords, ash receivers on each side of the rear seat, folding robe rail and carpet-covered foot rest and many other features combine to increase the comfort of this car. All in a quiet, restful atmosphere enhanced by attractively designed and plated hardware and beautiful wood finishes. There are concealed curtains in rear and side windows.



The Five-Passenger Victoria Coupé ... Model Sixty Eight - This Five-Passenger Coupé with built-in trunk is one of the truly fine cars which comprise the new Buick 33-60 Series. This group offers a variety of models from which to select an exceptionally smart and roomy car for business, personal or family use. Like all the 1933 Buicks, the body is longer, the front compartment is larger and the rear seat is wider. ... The outstanding interior features of the model above are the new style of trimming which includes new-type arm rests, spacious pockets on both sides of the rear seat, and deep, comfortable, plain-type upholstery of whipCord or mohair plush, whichever you specify. Carpet-covered foot rest, assist Cords, and an adjustable sun shade add to the comfort and convenience of driver and passengers.



The Convertible Phaeton ... Model Eighty-Eight C – For those who prefer the delights of motoring in an open or a closed car, this Series 80 Five-Passenger Convertible Four-Door Phaeton is especially attractive. This model heretofore has been available only on custom-built cars. ... The top is covered with a special double texture teal with choice of tan or gray. At your option, special whipCord or hand-buffed leather upholstery in colours to harmonize with exterior finish of cars. Arm rests are placed at the sides ot the rear seat, and a folding arm rest is located in the center. Smart hardware, carpet-covered foot rest, and combination robe rail and assist handles ... all contribute to the modern styling of its fine interior.



The Club Sedan... Model Ninety-One – The Sedan shown above is one of the most popular cars in this Series. It has a special appeal to those accustomed to thinking of motoring in terms of luxury, comfort and smartness combined with superior performance.... Deep cushions and high back upholstered in mohair plush, whipCord or cloth to suit your preference, provide restful ease. Side arm rests and a folding center arm rest further contribute to relaxation, Comfortable auxiliary seats have double folding backs. Thick velvet pile carpets cover the tonneau floor. Interior appointments also include robe rail, carpet-covered foot rest and concealed, silk window shades.



The 1933 Buick Instrument Board includes new aviation-type instruments mounted directly in front of the driver. The pointer type speedometer; water temperature indicator; electric gasoline gauge; oil pressure gauge and ammeter are easily observed through the three-spoke steering wheel. All instruments are indirectly lighted for night driving. There is also a strong, direct light in the center of the board. At the right is a spacious parcel compartment. In the center are the ash receptacle and cigar lighter.
Multibeam Lighting, in addition to the conventional high and low beams, provides a safe and adequate beam for passing cars, giving full illumination to the right hand edge of the pavement or ditch without glare to passing cars.
Inside Door Locks. New-type push button control for door locks permits convenient locking of all doors from the inside of the car.
Driving Vision has been Further Improved by lowering the rail across the cowl, and by raising the windshield header bar. Windshield wipers, fully concealed when not in use, add further safety because of the unobstructed vision of the driver. Improved bracket construction of the larger sun shade permits shading from front or side.
Inertia-Type Automatic Shock Absorbers entirely eliminate the manual ride regulator, and automatically control the ride to suit varying road conditions. The new Buick can be driven over all roads with the greatest degree of comfort.


Men and women show a preference for Buick cars which goes beyond mere liking. It amounts to strong, lasting friendship. The man or woman who has owned one Buick invariably buys Buicks again and again. Because ownership proves that Buick gives more and better miles. Better miles-surely. The new Buicks are large cars, fine cars. They have the long wheelbases (119 inches to 138 inches) which mean real beauty and riding comfort. And the weight (3866 to 4901 pounds) which means ability to hold the road and maintain high-speed performance hour after hour without strain. More miles, too. Many Buicks have traveled over 200,000 miles, serving smoothly and dependably year after year. Buick keeps faith. And so men and Women give back to Buick the loyalty which Buick gives to them. They make Buick their motor car, as you will, when you learn what a sound motor car investment Buick is.

Many distinguished men and women belong to Buick's wide circle of owners. They will tell you what all Buick owners will tell you. That Buick is mighty hard to equal as a motor car investment. That Buick gives the very results which you desire in a motor car - more and better miles.
The new Buicks are bound to give better miles. They have a combination of all the qualities that make for finer motoring. They are large – comfortable - and easy-riding due to long wheelbases (119 inches to 138 inches) and well distributed weight (3866 to 4901 pounds). They perform with greater smoothness and dependability, due to fine engineering and manufacturing, constantly improved throughout thirty years. Buick gives more miles, too. The reCords show that many Buicks have served for more than 200,000 miles, with that carefree reliability which is the very heart of motoring economy. You and your family will find Buick an ideal motor car; and you can buy one very reasonably on convenient G. M. A. C. terms. Better get your Buick – now.

It has been proved again and again, in all parts of the world, throughout thirty years, that Buick gives more and better miles. Better miles-naturally. The new Buick brings you the long wheelbase, the size and weight, which are absolutely necessary to real roadability and comfort. More miles, too. The reCords show that many, many Buicks are still serving after having gone 200,000 miles and more. The wise place for your money, when buying a car, is a Buick. It satisfies your desires by its finer quality. It protects your purse by its longer, more trouble-free service. That is why this moderately priced Buick is such a favorite all 'round the world.

Five-Passenger Victoria Coupé.

The twenty new Buick body-types are offered at moderate prices on the liberal and convenient G. M. A. C. payment plan. All are Buicks through and through-with new Bodies by Fisher and Valve-in-Head Straight Fight Engine cushioned in rubber to give smoothness with stability. All are fine, economical motor car investments.

Buick Eight with German Convertible coachwork built by Alexis Kellner of Heilbronn a/Neckar. First year with 'knee action' ifs.

Series CA with right-hand drive, built by General Motors of Canada Ltd as McLaughlin-Buick, for British market.