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Buckle 1956



WheelsNovember 1956
Another car nearing completion and which will be offered for limited sale, is that built by Bill Buckle of Buckle Motors, Sydney. Like Nat Buchanan, he is a well-known motor sport competitor.
His earlier experimental which was described in "Wheels" last year, gave much information on mechanics and styling, and the new car is an entire re-design of the whole project.
The constructors have gained much experience in plastic forming and moulding, and the new car has at present time of writing reached the stage where the final moulds can be taken from the plaster pattern.
The body will be in one piece, with the big bonnet, doors, floor and boot lid moulded separately. The floor will be cemented to the body later.
The chassis to carry the car is already complete. It has the Ford Zephyr engine of about 80 b.h.p., three-speed gearbox, back axle and brakes.
The front suspension is by transverse leaf spring, with straight lower control arms underneath. Lateral location of the wheels is provided by the centre spring mounting and by the torsional sway bar which runs ahead of the spring. Telescopic dampers are fitted all around.
The chassis frame has two straight rails with five cross struts. Rear suspension is by semi-elliptics slightly inclined toward the front.
The body will be quite luxuriously furnished. Two separate front seats will be fitted, and the top of the propeller tunnel has been made flat so a padded centre section can be laid on top. With its own squab, it thus provides seating for three across.
Behind there are two occasional seats, although for long trips one person in the back would be the normal load.
The spare wheel and fuel tank and luggage space a at the rear. (In the earlier car the spare wheel was carried inside the front mudguard.)
The spare wheel is under the boot floor. There is a big, full-deck lid for the locker.
Equipment will be comprehensive. Headlights will be the Lucas long-range pattern with the double reflector system. Windscreen wash will be standard.
A wide variety of individual requirements can be met. Seating positions, power options and furnishing can all be built into the car required.
Weight dry will be about 16½ cwt.