Classic Car Catalogue

Bristol 1978

603 (V8 cyl, 5.9l)
412 (V8 cyl, 5.9l)

Great Britain




With its 5.9-litre Chrysler V8 engine, the Bristol 603 is a fast, quality car, trimmed, upholstered and finished in the grand manner. The two-door bodywork is panelled in aluminium for lightness and freedom from corrosion, and suspension is self-levelling. Automatic transmission is standard, and the differential is selflocking for efficiency on slippery surfaces. Doors are wide for easy entry, and the car is spacious within. Built at Bristol near the ConCorde, the 603 costs nearly £30,000, and like its stablemate the 412 is hand-built. ConCorde's chief test pilot Brian Trubshaw drives one. "It's built Bristol-fashion", he says.
(Motor Show report)



412 £27,097

Adaptable five-seater Bristol 412 is a two-door 'Targa' (removable metal roof can be left in the garage) with a soft 'pull-out' top which is stored out of sight for that sudden summer shower. There is also a flexible rear section which can also be folded to convert the car into a fully open model. The Bristol 412, like its saloon relative the 603, has a 5.9-litre Chrysler V8 engine and is a 140 mph car with impeccable manners. The light-alloy bodywork was designed by Zagato of Italy, but is made at Bristol. Bristols are strictly bespoke cars, hand-made and hand-finished, and innumerable coats of paint are applied and polished.
(London report)