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Bristol 1972

411 series II (V8 cyl, 6277 cc, 335 bhp; wb: 9ft 6in) - ost. rok?
411 series III (6,6 l, 340 KM) - ? nowy model

Great Britain

411 s.3

Series III from 1973, gets re-designed front end and full width grille.

BRISTOL 411 £7,795
Like the Concorde, the Bristol is expensive and made in Bristol but the saloon is a lot quieter. Wafted along by a 6,277 c.c. Chrysler V8 and three-speed Torqueflite automatic transmission, it's the exclusive car for the Grand Tour. Separate front seats recline and there is a good luggage boot. Traditional English veneers set off facia and door cappings. Air conditioning is optional.

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