Classic Car Catalogue

Bristol 1970

411 (V8 cyl, 6277 cc, 335 bhp-SAE; wb: 9ft 6in)

Great Britain

411 series II

Series II, 411 from 1970 gets self levelling suspension.

BRISTOL 411 £6,997 (incl. P.T.)
Substantially unaltered from last year, the Anglo-American Bristol 411 offers hand-made luxury, plus enormous performance from its 6.2-litre 335 (gross) horsepower Chrysler V8 engine. It is in fact an identical unit to that used in another Anglo-American, the Jensen. From its soft hide upholstery to its innumerable coats of craftsman-applied paint, the Bristol is a thoroughbred with Torqueflite automatic transmission as standard, and a top speed of around 130 m.p.h. The two-door bodywork features wide-opening doors, and there is realistic legroom for the rear occupants.
London report