Classic Car Catalogue

Bristol 1962

406 - ost. rok (ost. z silnikiem 6 cyl.)
407 - nowy model (2-dr, V8 cyl, 5130 cm³, 250 KM) - premiera w 1961

Great Britain

406 type included a Saloon car bodied by Beutler, a number of chassis were bodied by Zagato and a number of prototype variants by the factory.

Powerful two-door, 5 2-litre luxury sports saloon Bristol 407 Saloon, bodily similar to the superseded 406 model, but the first Bristol model to be powered by a non-Bristol engine-a Canadian built Chrysler V8 unit. Independent front suspension is incorporated, the facia design is simplified and rear headroom increased. The side strips were also extended over the full length of the body. Price £5142.

THE age-old formula for a flashing performance-a lot of engine in a car of moderate weight and bulk-has the inevitable result in the 407's case. No larger and little heavier than its 2.2-litre forerunner, this Bristol is propelled by one of the biggest and most powerful engines currently fitted to any British car, viz., a Canadian-built Chrysler V8 of over 5.1-litres capacity, coupled to automatic transmission. The 407 streaks from nought to 1oo m.p.h. in about 26 seconds, does the standing quarter-mile in fractionally over 17 seconds -all this in uncanny silence-and cruises at a three-figure gait. It's an expensive car, of course, but Bristol's meticulous standards of engineering and finish couldn't be cheap. Points to note on Stand No. 95: Deep, flat-floored boot, uncluttered because the spare wheel is housed in the nearside front wing, unusual combination of torsion-bar springs and a live axle at the rear, luxuriously deep seat squabs with full adjustment for rake.
(London report, October '62)