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Bristol 1954

403 (R6 cyl, 1971 cc, 100 bhp)
404 (R6 cyl, 1971 cc, 105 bhp)
405 (R6 cyl, 1971 cc, 100 bhp) – Paris, October

Great Britain

Bristol 403

Bristol 404 Fixed Head Coupé model joined the 403 Saloon in the autumn of 1953. It is a handsome short wheelbase two/ four-seater (occasional small rear seats could be folded down to take extra luggage), powered by the 1971 -cc engine with 8.5:1 compression ratio as standard and featuring a light-alloy panelled body on a wooden frame (the doors have aluminium frames). The tail-fin-like extensions on the rear wings are functional (for aerodynamic stability) and not merely decorative.

Bristol imposing array comprising the proven 403 saloon, the short 404 Coupé, a left-hand drive Bristol-Arnolt and the new long 405 saloon, that looks as though it might bend in the middle at first glance, it being so low and long. The Arnolt-Bristol was interesting, being a light but well-equipped two-seater with body by Bertone of Italy, to a specification by Arnolt of America, and mechanical components supplied by Bristol. Altogether a rather pleasing collection of ideas, the result being a sports Bristol 2-litre.
(Paris report, October '54)

Bristol 404 and 403

Bristol 404 and the new 405 Saloon.


450   1979 cc      

Entries and results:
  24h Le Mans 13.06.1954 Entrant: Results: Perf.
        gen. class
#33 450 Wisdom / Fairman Bristol 8th 2nd - 1501-2000 9th
#34 450 Keen / Line Bristol 9th 3rd - 1501-2000 12th
#35 450 Wilson / Mayers Bristol 7th 1st - 1501-2000 7th

Bristol 450

Le Mans team.

Le Mans.

Le Mans.