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Borgward 1955

Hansa 2400 - discontinued
Hansa 2400 Pullman - new model


In July the 2400 was replaced by a single model 2400 Pullman powered by the same engine with compression ratio increased from 6.9 to 8.1:1 giving 100 b.h.p.
The Isabella range gained two new body styles, estate and a Coupé built by Deutsch. In September more powerfull Isabella TS was also introduced.



Isabella (R4 cyl, 1493 cm³, 60 PS; 2600 mm)
  Coupé (Deutsch) - new
  Kombi - new
Isabella TS (R4 cyl, 1493 cm³, 75 PS; 2600 mm) - September
  Coupé (Deutsch) - new

Borgward Isabella

Borgward Isabella TS

Borgward Isabella Combi (Praxis'98/10-82 repr.)


Hansa 2400

2400 Limousine (R6 cyl, 2337 cm³, 82 PS; wb 2620 mm) - discontinued summer
2400 Pullman (R6 cyl, 2337 cm³, 82 PS; wb 2820 mm) - discontinued summer
2400 Pullman (R6 cyl, 2337 cm³, 100 PS; wb 2820 mm) - July

Nowy Borgward 2400.

Nowy Borgward 2400.

Borgward 2400




This certainly unusual automobile amazed at occasional test drive the people in the Bremen area. Dr. Borgward and his designers created a kind of "dream car". The car has a water-cooled 2 ½ litre boxer engine, power about 125 bhp and front wheel drive. The body is largely made of light metal, mounted on a central frame. 200 km per hour has been achieved so far. The tail fins carry top position and marker lights and provides greater driving safety at high speed with respect to the crosswind sensitivity. This "dream car" will be shown at the Frankfurt motor Show.
Auto Motor und Sport 8/1955





F.I.A. World Sports Car Championship entries:

Mille Miglia 30.04.-01.05.1955 (round 3) Results:
#       Entrant: gen. class
318 Isabella TS   Cagli / Banti   147th T+1.3 13th