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BMC South Africa 1967


South Africa

Austin and Morris vehicles are assembled in South Africa since 1949. In 1954 BMC built its own production plant in Blackheath near Cape Town.
From 1967 the South African Mini distinguished itself (like its Australian counterparts) through triangular and crank window.
From 1967 to 1969, also the Wolseley 1000 offered.
Another model that is only produced in South Africa is the 11/55 , which was derived from the Austin 1100 . Marketed as Austin, Morris and (with a different front) as Wolseley (as well as BMC) from late 1967 to early 1970s. Outwardly identical to the 1100 it had a locally produced engine block and slightly more power (57 SAE-PS). External characteristic feature are the reflectors between the headlight, turn signal units and grille.