Classic Car Catalogue

Bertone 1961


BMW 3200 CS – production started in July.
Alfa Romeo 2000 Sprint
1000 „Ferrarina” - Turin

Jet Aston Martin DB 4/GT – Geneva
Maserati 5000 Coupé – Turin


This new potential of Bertone, the Grugliasco plant can build up to 7500 bodies per year and have contracts with Simca (the 1000 Coupé) and Iso (the IR300)
The Ferrarina made its debut on the Bertone stand at the Turin Motor Show. It is powered by twin ohc four cylinder 1-litre Ferrari engine with claimed 98 b.h.p.
Alfa Romeo 2000 Sprint was designed by Giorgio Giugiaro, who started working for Bertone in 1959.


Jet Aston Martin DB4 GT



Jet in Turin


1000 at Turin Motor Show




Maserati 5000 GT at the Turin Motor Show


Maserati 5000 GT