Classic Car Catalogue

Bentley 1975

T Series (V8 cyl, 6750 cc)
Corniche (V8 cyl, 6750 cc)

Great Britain

Those who revere Bentley more than Rolls or Royce can have this version of the Silver Shadow complete with the Bentley radiator and the winged B emblem. Bentley T-Series is made to the same exacting standards as the Rolls-Royce, with the same silent V8 engine, smoothly shifting automatic transmission, triple-circuit disc brakes and self-levelling all-independent suspension. Improvement is continuous but not always publicised.
Bearing the handsome Bentley radiator, the two-door Corniche is built both in convertible or Coupé form by the coachbuilder, Mulliner/Park Ward. The 120 mph Corniche is also made in Rolls-Royce guise, bearing the patrician radiator of the worldfamous marque. With its silkysmooth eight-cylinder engine, automatic transmission, selflevelling suspension, power steering and soft hide seats, plus the ability to cruise fast quietly for hour after hour, the Corniche is regarded as one of the world's top touring cars--whichever radiator shape it carries! For the (rich) connoiseur.
Saloon: £12,204
Coupé: £22,826
Conv.: £24,394