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Bentley 1956

S 1
S 1 Continental Mulliner Sports Saloon (R6, 4887cc, wb. 10ft 3in) - new model
S 1 Continental Park Ward Sports Saloon, Drophead Coupé (R6, 4887cc, wb. 10ft 3in) - new model

Great Britain

Bentley S-Series Saloon introduced in the spring of 1955 feature a 4887-cc (95 x 114 mm) engine with a six-port cylinder head, a new all-metal lightweight body and automatic transmission as standard. Wheelbase is 10 ft 3 in. Power steering and a refrigeration unit are available at extra cost.

The interest shown by spectators at Earls Court in the Bentley Continental is not merely a reaction to a total price which makes it the world's most expensive production car. The superb engineering and quality of finish is a byword throughout the world, and its ability to cruise without effort at speeds in excess of the maxima of many cars make it, as the name suggests, ideal for Continental touring. The model has been steadily developed since its introduction, and now appears with 2in carburettors instead of the previous 1 ¾ in units. The inlet valves have been increased in size, and the compression ratio has been increased from 7.25 to 8 to 1, these modifications resulting in a power increase of 13 per cent. Automatic transmission is a standard feature. The Bentley company continues its practice of withholding specific power output figures. Specialist coachbuilders offer a variety of closed and convertible bodies.
(London report, October '56)

Continental dimensions: Wheelbase, 10ft 3in (312 cm); widest track, rear, 5ft 0in (152 cm). Overall length, H. J. Mulliner sports saloon, 17ft 8in (539 cm); Park Ward d.h. Coupé and sports saloon, 17ft 6 ½ in (536 cm); width, H. J. Mulliner sports saloon, 5ft 11 ½ in (182 cm); Park ward d.h. Coupé and sports saloon, 6ft (183 cm); height, H. J. Mulliner sports saloon, 5ft 2in (158 cm); Park Ward d.h. Coupé, 5ft 2 ½ in (159 cm); Park Ward sports saloon, 5ft 1 ½ in (156 cm); ground clearance, 7in (18 cm). Turning_ circle, 41ft gin (1,270 cm).


Type S


Bentley S Saloon




Bentley Continental S Cabriolet Park Ward

Continental Coupé Park Ward